Ferrari 355/Corvette C5??

Discussion in '1998 Detomaso Guara' started by impreza-guy, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. nsx

    u got 2 admite this thing tlooks like a nsx
    i have great respect for detomaso but this is a disapointement.
    to chunky to and thats coming from a fat guy lol<!-- Signature -->
  2. Re: nsx

    umm... no it doesn't<!-- Signature -->
  3. Re: nsx

    I admit it has some similarities to the NSX but it's not all that heavy and it looks more modern than the NSX. Great looking car<!-- Signature -->
  4. Re: nsx

    no it doesen't
  5. Re: nsx

    the front does but its probably just the angle and the color, i want to see you make a car that doesnt look like any other car, the c5 corvette looks exactly like a nsx from the straight side besides a slightly rounder back but from any other angle it looks nothing like it<!-- Signature -->
  6. Re: nsx

    Its a combo of a lot of sports cars.
  7. Re: nsx

    can almost be mistaken from the correct angle and a limited knowledge.
  8. Re: nsx

    doesn't look anything like it<!-- Signature -->
  9. Re: nsx

    no, this is better<!-- Signature -->
  10. Re: nsx

    WTF? 0-post man, ok-this car looks like a mitsu FTO.<!-- Signature -->
  11. DeTomaso

    so is this what detomaso does now? it used to be one of the best italian manufacter wit Ferrari and Lamborghini. now it's a small company that almost know one knows about<!-- Signature -->
  12. Re: DeTomaso

    This car kinda looks tight...
  13. Re: DeTomaso

    I thought DeTomaso went out of business in the late 80's after the Pantera tanked. It's good to see they're still up and running. I like this one, it's pretty slick.<!-- Signature -->
  14. rear end convertable

    have you seen the car in convertable and the rear end look amazing in blue, you can also get this car in V12 BMW engine
    <!-- Signature -->
  15. It looks like a cross between a Ferrari 355 and a newer Vette......Whud da dilio..he he....long live Mclaren!!!

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