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  1. An Italian newspaper has reported that these pictures of the new Ferrari 550/575 replacement are indeed correct, however they also report that the new cars name is not 600 Imola, but in fact 599 GTB.
  2. A classical name? Whoaaaa... I´d love that.

    What I´d also love is if these pics posted on the sc frontpage are fake.
  3. 599 GTB would be alot better than 600 Imola.

    But it would be truly good if they called it the 479 GTB (assuming it has the same engine as the 612).
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  5. Yeah, I don't actually like the sound of the name "Imola" anyway. Too Sicilian.
  6. lets have a vote, who likes 600 imola or 599 gtb. id go with 599 GTB
  7. What exactly would the 599 mean? 612 is 6.0L V12, F430 is 4.3L V8, 275 GTB was .275L cylinder displacement..what would the 599 stand for?
  8. The V12 is exactly 5999ccs, hence 599.
  9. only the F430 has a name representing its 360 older brother.

    the 612 is not 6.12L.
  10. I didn't say it was, I said it was a 6.0L displacement V12 engine. As for the other thing, the 612 had a 5,748 cc displacement and they fudged it to 6.0L, but this has a displacement of 5,999 cc, and they use that designation? That's ridiculous. 599 sounds like a sale in the fruit aisle. The GTB designation is still cool.
  11. 6 valves per cylinder, 12 cylinders.
  12. From the description in the Ferrari 612 section:

    A 65 Degree V12 engine with a displacement of 5748 cc which is rounded off to give the figure 6 (litres) in the 612 model designation.
  13. This debate is going nowhere. We should be discussing the performance. It is 100kg lighter than the Maranello via aluminum and has 620hp making the most powerful front engibe GT in the world. Manual version will be available for purists.
  14. Official name is now revealed to be "Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano", named after Ferrari's private test track.
  15. Good, because 600 imola sounds odd.
  16. the 600 part doesnt sound attractive ; then again, they use it for merc's which house big engines.. doh

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