Ferrari 599 Spider

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  1. It's rumored that it has already been presented to a few collectors and such and that it will be publicly shown at Pebble Beach. Any more info maybe?
  2. Let me ask Luca.
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  4. hmmmm its a ugly ferrari
  5. yes, because you have seen it to judge it
  6. I don't know too much about it, didn't see the test mule when I went to Maranello
  7. I hope its available with manual.
  9. I think we can probably assume it won't. I wouldn't be surprised if a traditional manual isn't even a possibility in Ferraris soon...
  10. Can you give his number? i've lost it when changing phone now i can't call him anymore.
  11. Rather have the Hard-top.
  12. Something similar happened to me, I lost my phone the other night when I was partying with M.M.

    But don't worry, I'll ask Flavio when he comes today to introduce me to his new supermodel gf.
  13. I will not because it will feature GTO spces = F1 SuperFast (like the Scuderia) which is 1000 times better than any manual transmission.
  14. you're kind of an idiot
  15. 599 GTB is available as a manual, so one can assume a Spider would be as there is tradition when it comes to an open V12 Ferrari and a chrome gate at the middle.

    What a car like this needs is an old fashion automatic for slow cruising, but this could easily be also done with hybrid tech. -> having the engine run at idle, but the car creeping with electric motor.

    Stupid I know, but if the rich had their way... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  16. he's a whole lot of idiot.

    Ferrari will no longer be offering proper gearboxes in cars. the last one will be the California after that its not an option.
  17. which is quite sad. I can understand their logic in axing the manual in the 458, but in a GT Ferrari I can easily see many people wanting that Italian gated transmission.
  18. you'd think that but no. less than 10% of the 599s that left the factory had a manual.
  19. Less than 10%?? It's less than 1%. I talked to a Ferrari PR employee 3-4 months ago and he said that the first manual California was yet to be ordered. The California has now been on the market for 1½ year.... Pretty good idea to take the manual box out of production.
  20. if you sell cars to mostly talentless hacks then yes.
  21. GTB is available with a manual but not the GTO and the Spider will have GTO specs = no manual.
  22. Any business should listen to their clients needs and wishes. If not they go out of business.
    BTW it doesn't take a hole lot of talent to drive a manual....

  23. to drive it properly it does.

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