Ferrari Enzo vs Koenigsegg CC 8S

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    The enzo ferrari has a 0-60 time of 3.28 sec. The koegnisegg has a
    0-60 time of 3.20 sec BUT a Mosler MT900 Photon has a 0-60 time of 3.13 but max speed of 165 mph cuz it's JUST 1 ton
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    The tiger T100 hits 0-60 in 2.8 secs and is the fastest 0-60 on a production road car. Alo the Radical SR-3 would beat both of these in a race as would a few other cars but lets stick to the Enzo and CC8S.
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    You forgot the handling and the tech..
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    OK, what about a city circuit?
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    The Enzo would probably win on a city circuit cos you would expect a lot of tight turns and not as long straights.
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    As far as I can tell the Enzo isn't actually as far behind in a straightline as you think.

    The Road and Track test makes it sound mighty quick. Past 100mph it is even with the Mclaren F1(autocar test). I'm not saying the 8S couldn't be faster than the Mclaren, but at this time all signs point to no.

    In one of the recent top gear episodes it only got to 4mph faster than the Zonda on the straight, which isn't actually that much. And even with the speed advantage it was still slightly slower than the Zonda around the track.

    The Enzo is nearly a second faster than the Zonda to 100mph and from there the Enzo probably continues to increase its lead. That would make it as fast, if not faster than the current 8S and it handles better than the Zonda which beat the 8s around a track while down on power.

    In theory the 8S is impressive, but I think somewhere in there a couple more years of suspension and chassis experience is going to be needed to get the power down.

    Check out Jeremy Clarksons purely subjective(no numbers review at

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    It's already been quicker than the Zonda C12S. And theres over 30Mph difference in top speed, thats what I have been refering to, I don't know about some of the others though. And as for wheather it's not lookig like it will be as fast as the F1, it went over 350Kph in the rain without being pushed. It will be close but I have faith.
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    I like both these cars, they look fantastic indeed. Koenigsegg is lighter, has great theoritical stats (even better than Enzo) but still noone knows how it handles. However Enzo was not made for beating McLaren F1's top speed (that is Veyron's job) but it was made to use all the F1 technology used today. And from all the articles I have read, it Succeeds Greatly. The car's handling is superb, NO other supercar matches it, very close to Formula 1's handling. If Koenigsegg doesn't reach this level in terms of handling, then, no, it's not gonna win. And something else; Ferrari's cars are ULTRA-safe (a 360 modena crashed here in Greece with 270+ and the driver didn't get a scratch), does Koenigsegg have this kind of safety?
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    On the saftey issue it is apparently very safe but no ones crashed in other than in tests yet. We'll see.
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    There is no doubt in hell. I would take the Koenigsegg any day of the week. I think it looks better, has more interior features and a removable roof. The only drawback is that it doesn't have a V12.
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    Koenigsegg would tear the enzo to shredson the track or dragstrip
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    Erm, I really do like the CC8S and I would take it over an Enzo but the Enzo is quicker on you're average track and wins in 0-60 and 0-100mph.
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    I agree. The Enzo has less top speed than McLaren F1 and Koenigsegg CC 8S but it accelerates fantastically. However I don't think that the dragstrip results matter most cause simply an Edonis or even better a Veyron 16.4 would win all these cars on any conditions but this would not prove how the cars handle and how safe they are. A Porsche 911 Turbo (996) has excellent handling even at top speed, so does the Enzo. Does the Koenigsegg have such good handling on every condition? The Enzo is a car which uses TOO much of the F1 technology, the CC 8S uses simple maths: Low Weight->High Horsepower. With the combination of great aerodynamics (CC is VERY beautiful) this car will be able to have a similar to GT-1 cars handling. We just have to wait till it's tested.
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    That would be one HELL of a race. I think the Koenigsegg would win tho. when the veyron comes out Car and Driver should do a comparison of the Enzo, Saleen S7, Veyron, Koenigsegg, Carrera GT, and MB SLR, and whatever other supercars are out then
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    ON a Dragstrip, the Veyron or Keonigsegg wouldn't neccesarrily win, they may have insane top speeds, but i know that the Veyron's quarter mile time isn't that great.

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    Ferrari Enzo vs Koenigsegg CC 8S

    Hey, Id love to have both....But that would never happen. Im gonna pick the 'Egg over the Enzo just cause its the new kid on the block. Its fast, powerful, and really really good looking compared to the Enzo.

    But at the same time, we are looking at the "greatest" Ferrari ever built. Ferrari will always have its followers, and 'Eggs will have its own.

    But jesus, is either one really worth the money??? If youve got it, sure...But even for $200,000 you can build a Lingenfelter that is as fast, but probably wont handle as well...Its a win win situation with both cars, and I thank god that I am alive now to see them!
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    they said the koenigsegg runs a 3.4 where did 3.2 come from. as for the mosler i cant back up anything cause i dont follow that one. and well the enzo ive heard from 3.3 to 3.5 but everybody has different tests and different drivers so i wouldnt know exactly where to put it myself.... but lets just say for sake that someone came up to me and asked if i wanted the enzo or the cc8s i would pick the cc anyday in a heartbeat.. on the website they said that the aerodynamics are incredible and they also say that its the fastest production car out there right now... top speed is 240 so that beats out the enzo for sure... but i dont care... would u rather take the saleen s7 or the enzo?
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    Wow, I'm suprised that youve never herd of the Mostler MT900S Photon...Baisicly, its a Saleen S7 look alike, but its all GM underneath. Much of the MT900S, Photon, and MT900R share parts with the Corvette, Porsche 911, and WRX. She is a blazing fast car with a 0-60 time of about 3.2-3.6, and a qtr mile time of 11.5 at about 122MPH. Thats very impressive for a n/a Chevy LS6 engine. The main reason why it is so fast is because it is so light, nearly everything is made of either titanium, carbonfiber, or alumimium. However, this car was built for track-only performance. The Photon creates so much downforce that it has a top speed less than 170...But it is incredibly fast right up to that point.

    So is the Enzo worth it? No, not really. Is the Saleen worth it? No, not really. Howeve between the two Id rather have the Enzo just because it is a Ferrari. Their prices are not far off, and id say the few extra thousand are well worth it on the Ferrari. However....

    The Mostler offers everything the S7 and Enzo have, at a 3rd of the price. You can get a fully loaded Photon for about $220,000...Leaving you with nearly $400,000 to spend on other awsome cars...So it may not have a top speed in excess of 200MPH, but out on the track it will outrun anything that is thrown at it.
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    Ok, you first have to acknowlegde Keonigsegg for making a super car that can compete or near compete again a company that has a kick ass F1 record and is winning too much with shummy behind the wheel.

    The enzo is theortically heavier than the CC8S but then, you have to look at the Cd's and the aerodyamics of the car.

    Forgive for saying this, but the CC8s looks like a pagini zonda and thus, probably having the same aerodyamics. The enzo on the other hand has the underbody scuplting like the Nissan Skyline 300GT/350GT with aero package, but better tenfold.

    You must also account for weight transfer when cornering. Sure, the Enzo can pull of over 1G for a production car (thats saying a lot). The Koenigsegg is lighter and thus creating less weight transfer, cornering will become a lot easier in the Koenigsegg.

    Now, the harder parts. Since the Enzo is visually and defintly longer than the Koenigsegg, the cornering abilties for the Enzo will be hindered compared to the Koenigsegg (still better than a Chevy Mailbu). The downforce required for the Enzo to start put on the ground must be massive, due to its F1 history, and help from Mike Schummaner (spelt wrong). THe koensigsegg may be able to pull a normal turn, but the Enzo will require a far more distant braking skill.

    Finally, on a city course, or something like...Moncao or something, it all boils down to driver skill. If yourself in an Enzo and Mike Shummy in a...RX-7 would you win? You have to have the guts (and money) to drive that car around, and if you did, you crash, your screwed, finanncially or medically.

    Thats my two cents whats yours?
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    In this month's evo magazine there was a road test between this car and the Enzo but all they did was describe the insane feeling of driving either one of these cars. But the author did describe the Enzo as having a more refined pull to, more gentle if you will, whereas the CC8S jsut kinda slams you into your seat when you step on the throttle. The guy said he was afraid to take it over 5000 RPM in third gear because the sheer torque would break the wheels loose without the traction control on. Me, if I had a chance to drive either, or the Zonda C12S, I'd jump. They are both amazing supercars, and it all comes down to personal choice. If given a choice I'd take the CC8S just because it's nicer inside and you get a six-speed manual. :D
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    Isnt the 'Egg powered by a S/C Ford V8? Im not totally sure, but that would probably be the cause of the sound and overall roughness of the car. Those sweeds should have grabbed an OHV American motor to make some serious power...Im positive that a CC with a modified LS6 or C5-R engine would make the car faster, better sounding, and most importantly more affordable...I cant think of a single V8 out there that is really that much better than the LS1 and all of its variants...Except maybe a Ferrari 360's...But if the 'Egg wanted to get more serious and go up to a V-12 there are plenty of options out thre...I would much rather have a V8 myself, but maybe thats because Im an American...
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    ya imagine what koenigsegg could do in 90yrs... scary
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    they are both great, i would love just to see either one in person, and y does it matter which is faster by a little bit or which has btter handleing. The enzo wins outright because of history, it's a tribute to enzo himself. but performance wise it would all depend on who was driving, put schummy in the enzo and it's going to win

    nuff said
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    These are two of my most favorite cars- the thing is, the old koenigsegg was around 300k, so im guessing this version would be around there. And the enzo is 670k. Around the same stats. Koenigsegg is handbuilt. Price and power, I'd go with the koenigsegg.

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