Ferrari F50 Vs. Enzo

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by mrz28camarostud, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. Even if the Enzo does beat it performance wise the F50 still maintains extreme machsimo and sexiness. So yeah my opinion the F50 is the best ferrari.
  2. Too hard a choice.
  3. i think the sexy-meter maxes out on both of them
  4. I think for anyone to even come close to even pretending they could almost kind of approximate a decision on this one they would have to drive both extensively first.

    I've heard the Enzo is amazing right off the bat, the F50 takes over after a short period of time, but the Enzo begins to come back after the driver figures out the Enzo's limits and gets used to the ridiculous performance.

    On pure presence I couldn't make the decision to save my life. After that recent Turbo video on the Enzo I don't think I could even go one sound.
  5. I wish they had carried over the lack of rear subframe and the engine-mounted suspension from the F50. Otherwise, though, the Enzo is the superior car.
  6. i love both way to much to decide<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  7. Do we have to choose between those two?
  8. That is a tough decision. I do not know that much about the F50, but I know of its reputation from members of this sight. I know only slighly more about the Enzo but what I have heard seems to lead me to the conclusion that the Enzo is a better performer than the F50, but its also newer so thats not really a surprise. As for style, I like the Enzo a little more than the F50.
  9. Im sorry but even though I absolutely love the F50, its fate was sealed when I first saw a black Enzo.
  10. F50 for me, I just love the batmobile look.
  11. F50 wins so far. But the Enzo is catching up
  12. Ooh so you're counting? In that case, Enzo!!
  13. Easy choice for me: Enzo.
  14. F40!!!!!!!! Best Ferrari EVER!!!!!!!!
  15. Neither are close to being the best Ferrari in my book, but the F50 is much better than the Enzo IMO.
  16. In my opinion the F50 is the most beautiful supercar ever built
  17. i think the enzo but somhow it remins me of a vacume cleaner cause of the front.
  18. Its would come down to the Drive because it doesnt matter about performance.
  19. For me the F50 (just) over the Enzo but the more I see the Enzo, the closer the gap get's.
  20. I would probably choose the F50, my favourite car of all time.
  21. I prefer the Enzo atm
  22. Probably f50 is more beautiful, but, about overall, Enzo ferrari is surely better.
    F50 has not completly caught up its target: it was surely a great supercar, great handling and "easy" to drive, bu was a little bit heavier than target (90-100 Kg more than F40), not great torque ("only" 100.2 Nm/l, Enzo is 109.5 Nm/l, F1 is 107.2 Nm/l), high Cx.
    Enzo is much more complete: weight is similar, and it has power-steer and power-brakes, ABS and TCS, is easier but much more faster. downforce is 2.5 times than F50!!

  23. Enzo by a long shot. The F50 was a failure.
  24. I think i prefer the Enzo.

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