Ferrari F70 caught testing.

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    Ferrari is working hard on preparing the successor to the legendary Enzo. The F70, as it is currently known, has been spotted riding around the streets of Maranello with some heavy cladding and camouflage.Though there aren't many details officially known about the Enzo successor, we do know that it will use a hybrid powertrain which combines the power of a V12 engine combined with a pair of electric motors.

    Mated to a double-clutch gearbox, Ferrari says that the first electric plant will be used as a generator, sending kinetic energy gathered back to the battery pack with the second electric motor powering everything else. When the three motors work in tandem, total output for the Ferrari F70 could measure at over 920hp. Combined with a curb weight of 2,500lbs, the new Prancing Horse could sprint from rest to 62mph in only 2.5 seconds.Ferrari has already turned plenty of heads with their release earlier this year of the F12berlinetta, so we are eagerly anticipating the official debut later this year of the Enzo-replacing F70.


    EDIT: First render 2013
  2. Long nose and long tail leads me to believe they're gunning for the Veyron's top speed. Granted that mule bodywork may be totally different from what we really see.
  3. F70=F-22 right supersonic?
  4. No the f12 is f22

    I have no idea what the f70 could be lol
  5. lol at the use of electric motors
  6. ah yes a little numbers play
  7. why isn't it red
  8. Northrop made an aircraft called the F-17 you know, very similar to F-18
  9. Thats right it became the f18.

    The f70 could be the xb70 valkyrie or more likely sr71 !
  10. looks better than the enzo already.
  11. why doesn't say ferrari
  12. Is that a su-27. Maybe a little play on numbers (the member )
  13. A little play on swtipo get that sweet ass over here
  14. ah yes thanks for helping a fellow member with his numbers play
  15. how do they even know this theres no badges
  16. It looks polish to me.
  17. thats a kitcar on a car. fiero i think they call em' no dang italian car
  18. They made a typo. More like 3500lbs
  19. I doubt it. This car will be more for road use. It will rival or beat the Veyron in acceleration and probably top out around 230 or 240 mph. Thats more than enough top speed for a road car WITHOUT the Veyron's ridiculous waste of gas, weight and maintenence. The tires on a Veyron cost 38,000 dollars and they last 2,500 miles because its so bloated and heavy. The rims and brakes last slightly longer at the same ridiculous price to change.

    The back is very similar to what the real car will look like. Its going to look like the P4/5 from the rear. What the front will look like or the side is anybody's guess. The front and sides are heavily disguised.

    BTW the guy who took these photos said the car sounded so sick!!!! He said it sounded just like an F1 car and was very loud.
  20. Hopefully it can rival a 2 tonne automobile from 2005!! Do you think Ferrari can get back in the top three (behind Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche) with this next hyper car? I was getting down and dirty with numbers and it felt like everything was on the rise, not too hard to swallow I'm sure you'd agree <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> Any inside scoop on if it may share some design cues from the record breaking FF? How much will the tyres cost do you think? Share your secrets!

    >8^) ER
  21. LMAO Lamborghini doesn't have any thing presently in production that can beat the 2002 Enzo around a track LMAO!!!!

    BTW big boy I was in Miami last week. Their are about 4 or 5 Aventadors sitting in Ferrari lots right now traded in for 458s and F12s. LOL!!!!!!! I asked the guys at Shelton why they had so many in the garage. The guy told me straight out, they are fat, bloated, too wide and its just a show car not meant to be driven like a race car. Its a complete nightmare to drive on public roads in cities like Miami. You can't see a damn thing on the side or behind you and the handling is like driving a 4x4 truck.

    Keep hating WCW!!!!
  22. Was hoping for something smaller

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