Ferrari F70 caught testing.

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by SuperSonic, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. never banned
  2. haha
  4. Careful...
  5. the test of Aventador was the last that I have submitted here, there will not be other.
    but I always feel free to contradict the ferrari-hater

    @ Veyrnoman
    I know you prefere the ferrari-haters, but unfortunately (for you) you have to be content with me. :-*

    @ all
    Quattroruote published this image, but honestly the prototype seems much larger than the image.
    Other interesting facts:
    - The body is not designed by Pininfarina, but by Ferrari itself, because teh body, as like the overall project, is really extreme);
    - Quattroruote is sure how the KERS will weigh 120 kgs: Ferrari said the efficiency is close to 1KW per 1Kg, we'dexpect a contribution about 150ps
  6. not designed by Pinifarina?
    I don't like that
  7. so I'm hoping this is not anythign official...
  8. why ?
  9. Ferrari Tuatara
  10. Aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines.
  11. it's ugly
  12. !!!
  14. Um, I'm a Ferrari fan.
  15. Ugh no.
  16. This is a pretty silly thing to say.
  17. it's a famous phrase enunciated by Enzo Ferrari (known to be traditional..), maybe 50 years ago
  18. A lot has happened in car design in the last 50 years - including realising the importance of aerodynamics, and how a properly-designed aero package can vastly improve a car's performance. This could largely be attributed to advancements in F1 which, as you know, Ferrari are and have always been massively involved with.

    Despite it's founder's half-century-old musings, the significance of aerodynamic design is rarely more evident than with cars Ferrari has produced in recent years. Even a relatively small change to a model (360CS vs 360 Modena; F430 Scuderia vs F430) has substantial alterations to the aero to increase downforce and, as a result, reduce lap times.

    Times change, and although Enzo uttered that phrase it really isn't as relevant today as it may have been then.
  19. he also used to say that race cars should be with front engined, now you are going to explain why mid engined cars are better?
  20. You didn't understand my post at all. Read it again.
  21. worlds better than the enzo, but it does still need some work.
  22. yeah Enzo also thought cars should have drum brakes instead of discs at one point

    peoples opinions can change and thats surely a good thing
  23. lol obviously

    "Moving around is for people who can't sit still."
    - some dude who hasn't made a single car in 24 years
  24. kinda hard to make a car when you are dead though
  25. LOL
    no i won't

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