Ferrari FFX vs this

Discussion in '2006 Koenigsegg CCX' started by Pando, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. I think the Ferrari FFX will eat this.

    Edit: Uhhh... FXX of course, sorry.
  2. I will eat your mom.
  3. Oh, by the way CCX>FXX
  4. Because of road legality?
  5. FXX: Power-To-Weight ratio: 598 bhp/ton, Power-To-Aero drag at 300 kph: ~2.19 bhp/kg, Downforce-to-weight at 300 kph: .875:1 kg. CCR: Power-To-Weight ratio: 610 bhp/ton, Power-To-Aero drag at 300 kph: ~2.86 bhp/kg, Downforce-to-weight 300 kph: .043:1 kg. The Koenigsegg has the accelleration advantage, but only notably with gaining speed, but I sususpect the high downforce and track tuned nature of the FXX would give it a pretty unquestionable advantage... given there isn't a large descrepency between the cars under braking. [shrusgs]
  6. well if its acceleration advantage and becuase all the other factors are similer then i think the ccx will win. The CCX has a superchager so the power will come in way sooner.
  7. wat kind of a stupid comparison is that. dont ruin any of the new indies please.
  8. way sooner than a n/a engine <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>?
  9. Haha
  10. If they were the same price, I'd buy the CCX before the FXX.
  11. The ccx will kill fxx,fxx isn't that fast has it suppose to be, fxx was a better version of enzo and its slower then the enzo
  12. I'd like to know how in hell it's slower than the Enzo. The weight is about the same and the FXX has better suspension and power package. Explain HOW it's slower.

    As for the FXX vs. CCX, I'd say it'd be close. On a straight track, the CCX. On anything else, I'd give it to the FXX.
  13. the fxx is better, just look at the package as a whole, you get so much more
  14. The FXX generates more downforce than the Enzo, and therefore the FXX is "slower". However, it will handle better in the corners and actually be faster on most circuits.

    Compared to the CCX, I doubt it will be able to get as fast as an FXX around a circuit. Unless it's an oval <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  15. The FXX is better than the CCX.
  16. Hard decision to make. I like this a lot better but I think the FXX is faster.

    I'd say the FXX would win in a race, but the Koenigsegg beats the Ferrari in looks and style.
  17. FXX is lagging in horseys...CCx is a whole lot
  18. By far
  19. Then change your avatar
  20. I would rather have the ccx because it looks better its probably to me alot funner to drive and its faster than the fxx
  21. hmmm... I kinda agree that the FXX is faster than the CCX, since its a "modified" Enzo. I think this comparison is kinda pointless. Someone needs to create a racing version for the CCX. Then we have something to discuss.
  22. HAHA your funny, the FXX is a STRIPED down-bare-bones, NON street legal car while, the CCX has performance so close to the FXX's that we cant even chose a winner on this very forum

    ANNNND the CCX is street legal, actually has an interior with seats that you could sit in comfortably for a few hours, whereas the FFX has harsh racing buckets with no padding at all. further more the CCX has AC, a radio, and all the other interior comforts that a regular mini van would have.

    Plus it looks WAAAAY better.

    And it has cooler doors so ha!

  23. suprised no one has atacked me for that last post amazed
  24. Yeah maybe, except the most important thing, the FXX are not allowed to be used on a road, wich sucks.

    also the FXX is better?.

    Maybe it has better grip, more downforce and so on, because it is a Track car.

    For a road car, the CCX has killing handling and performance.

    It is the fastest car on Top Gears powerlap (with the optional wing)

    So if track cars can be compared to road cars, the track cars are better because they dont have to follow nearly as many restricions as the road-legal car.

    If the FXX were road-legal, this could have been a great comparison.

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