Ferrari LaFerrari XX Spotted for First Time

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by V8stangman, Apr 17, 2014.

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    The more hardcore, track-only LaFerrari exotic has made its first appearance.

    We recently reported that Ferrari has confirmed development on a track-only LaFerrari XX model, and now we have the photos to prove it. AutoGuide‘s spy photographers recently caught the LaFerrari XX prototype at the Nurburgring, and while it’s not confirmed that it is the LaFerrari XX, the unpainted body panels that reveal the carbon fiber underneath along with its thunderous exhaust note clearly suggest that this is the track-only exotic Ferrari is working on.

    According to our spy photographers, the LaFerrari XX made quick work of the Nurburgring and was testing various sets of Pirelli tires throughout the day. Since the car won’t be street legal, Ferrari will be pulling all the stops to make it as formidable as possible on the race track. Expect more aerodynamic tweaks as the Italian automaker prepares the hot model to debut in 2015.
  2. That doesn't look like the XX series, they have stupid spoilers and super stiff suspension. That thing is leaning like a mofo. I think this is a regular LAF doing a ring time.
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    Might have something to do with the camber of the circuit and the very hard cornering it was doing.
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    The informed folks at BTG and FerrariChat agree with me. Apparently its a regular LAF and BTG just recorded it doing a 6:35, so way faster than the 918. Probably a little faster than the P1.
  5. I'm not arguing this one with you. I was just pointing out that the lean was mostly because of the rather steep camber of the corner.
  6. Spy video at Fiorano has also shown it to lean and buck under braking though.
  7. Super-sticky tires?

    I will say this, in naked looks #$%#ing SEXY! My opinion of the design prior to this was not complimentary. The paintwork does a good job washing out the nuanced detail; makes it look simple and wedged shaped.

    I can't believe a stock LaFerrari could pull that kind of time.
  8. Im pretty sure that is painted matt black, you can't see a weave.
  9. Regular LaFerrari that just happens to have lexan windows. OK
  10. You're arguing with the wrong person.
  11. #$%#, i hate that this forum has the quote thing on top instead of the bottom. Sorry
  12. it's hard to get excited about ferraris when they don't let anyone review/test/drive them

    ferrari has made a car so exclusive they decided not to share it so what's the point
  13. it'll get tested at some point. probably have to wait about 3ish years though.
  14. That is retarded. They come off as pussies
  15. meanwhile the p1 has basically won this generation of supercars
  16. Aren't Fiorano tests coming later this month or early next month?
  17. Apparently optional. Go talk to owners on FerrariChat if you want to argue.
  18. they usually do.
  19. Hey guys, haven't been here in a while.
  20. saw you'd posted and came into this thread to say exactly this.
  21. nobody over the age of 14 cares about their cowardly bullshit
  22. paedophilia? yes no
  23. The MC12 Corsa still rape every track-only Ferrari made to date, period.
  24. Yes, like the F1-2004

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