Ferrari LaFerrari XX Spotted for First Time

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  1. I was not including F1 cars when I mentioned "track-only", but interpret it the way you want (excuse me if there's any grammar error, my English is awful).
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    Ferrari LaFerrari XX Rumored to Lap ‘Ring’ in 6:35

    Ferrari is out to set a few record with its LaFerrari XX, and it appears the Italian automaker is well on its way.

    The track-only exotic is rumored to have run a Nurburgring lap time of 6:35, making it the fastest production-based vehicle to ever lap the famous track. Unfortunately, since the LaFerrari XX is being designed as a track-only vehicle with slicks, it won’t be able to challenge the street car record. Currently the Porsche 918 Spyder has the crown with a lap time of 6:57, but the McLaren P1 has been rumored to be faster, though the British automaker has only officially announced that it has done it in under seven minutes.

    For comparison’s sake, the Enzo FXX (a track-only version of the Enzo) managed a best of 6:58, a solid 20+ seconds slower than the rumored LaFerrari XX’s time.

    The 6:35 time hasn’t been made official yet, but if the LaFerrari XX has indeed completed such a fast lap, don’t expect it to be long before Ferrari makes an announcement. The 6:35 still isn’t the fastest lap time ever done at Nurburgring though, as Porsche’s 956 holds that record when Stefan Bollef turned in a 6:11 during the race in 1983.
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    Read the thread old man. Also car is not wearing slicks, its wearing road tyres. Its not an FXX
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