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    Ferrari P4/5 Competizione (JG's project)

    The racing version of Jim Glickenhaus' custom, Pininfarina-penned Ferrari P4/5 is no longer merely a fanciful rendering. The team just picked up this F430 Scuderia donor car to serve as the platform for the track-ready Ferrari P4/5 Competizione.

    Since building the Enzo-based custom Ferrari P4/5, Glickenhaus has threatened to go all Luigi Chinetti on us and reignite the North American Racing Team for a little European conquest.

    Though the P4/5 Competizione is rendered to look like the original P4/5, it'll actually sit atop the bones of an F430 Scuderia when it competes in the 2011 24-Hour Nürburgring Race. Let's let the man speak for himself on FerrariChat:

    This will unfold slowly over the next year but today we made a deal that begins the voyage.
    I'm grateful to my friends at WWOC who sold us a new F430 Scuderia at a reasonable price that we will use as our platform.
    Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus will be turning her into a full chat race car that will contest the 2011 24 Hours of Nurburgring.
    After that adventure we'll reconvert her into a fully street legal car like her sister P 4/5.
    As Neil said:
    Long May She Run.
    As an aside should anyone need a lot of F 430 Scuderia Parts we'll have some available...

    The choice of a 430 Scuderia is ideal because he can then convert it into a street car, something not possible with an F430 Challenge Stradale. Bravo!
  2. Ferrari P4/5 Competizione (JG's project)

    I'm really looking forward to this car, I hope I can keep this thread updated as news/build pics surface on the internetz
  4. So why not just rebody a 430 GT then?
  5. "The choice of a 430 Scuderia is ideal because he can then convert it into a street car"
  6. why isnt htis based on a f430 GT
  7. um why not just rebody the F430 GT hm?
  8. IMO the car would retain a lot more value as a one off one run type vehicle than if turned into street legal car. However the if the gesture behind it is to not have it be a garage queen after the race then that's really noble of Jim and I fully support that decision. Still he could keep in race spec a show up at Ferrari track day events just the same.
  9. This could turn out really good or really bad.
  10. he's doing it that way because he loves driving his cars. he's the only person crazy enough to have an original Ford GT40 and a Ferrari P3/4 as street cars. I'm sure that after its done racing he'll want to drive it on the street like he does his other cars.
  11. That guy is a true legend, not enough people like him unfortunately.
  13. ugh, why is everyone bumming this its crap.

    should be based on an enzo, or ideally fxx chassis. not a shitty f430 scuderia. #$%# meeting racing regs
  14. palmface.jpg
  15. Agreed
  16. Ugh
  17. hey ginger who said you could speak
  19. not going to happen.
  20. Was his one off P4/5 actually windtunnel tested/designed for racing? I sure hope the design remains the same.
  21. P 4/5 was extensively developed and tested in The Pininfarina Wind Tunnel and has very good aerodynamic characteristics which will work well on P 4/5 C
  22. Ok, thanks for the info, can't wait to see it on the track.
  23. thank you for proving that the racing spirit is alive and well in North America.
  24. The P4/5 is very good aerodynamically compared to an Enzo for example. The drag coefficient is just 0.336 (Enzo 0.340) while making about double the downforce of an Enzo.

  25. P 4/5 and P 4/5 C (Pre Conversion)

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