Ferrari P4/5 Competizione thread

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by lucky strike, May 10, 2010.

  1. P4/5 looks infinitely better. and i like the enzo.
  2. big time
  4. ****.

    this is why you don't let the pretty girls drive your car.
  5. No way, the front looks like shit. Everything else is cool though
  7. ?
  8. Yeah that needs to be explained
  9. also, he says it needs a new cylinder... WTF.
  10. new clutch, new clutch slave cylander, and new tyres. it takes 5-6 hours to do the clutch and the slave cylander. IIRC the clutch kit costs 2200 bucks the slave cylander is another 500 and if its 4 new tyres (depending on the tyre) I can easily see that being 5300 bucks.
  11. Long story short. We went to NY, parked the car where we thought it would be safe (family in law). Brother in law sneacks in the house, steal my keys and go for a joyride. #$%#s the clutch at 4.30am. Cops drive by and impound the car, call me to give me good news.

  12. HOLY SHIT!


    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>

    (how old is he?)
  13. that #$%#ing blows man. I assume the work is already done?
  14. did you beat him within a inch of his life with a blunt object?

    please post the video of the ass whooping for us.
  15. yeah what are you going to do with that #$%#er
  16. 28!
  17. Yep, i dropped by the dealer on sat to see my car..and was happy to see it wasn't trashed inside. Im buying Hankook tires as the michelin are in back order for months and will flush the brakes somewhere else as P was charging me $300.
    They wanted $1400 for two rear bridgestones with Mounting, balancing and alignment !!!

    There must some really wealthy people who do not give a shit about the bill and just say "OK, just let me know when i can pick the car..".

  18. I cant. I actually dont know how i will deal with him from now on because it's such a lack of respect, esp to his sister.
  19. Make the #%[email protected] pay for it all
  20. is he not paying for it, at least in part? he should foot the whole bill for any damage he caused. thats the least he can do.
  21. Yes he is (or his mother is actually..). I will pay for the tires as they were not so new anyway. Waiting the report from porsche to see if he over revved the car or not...
  22. Ok well make him eat the curb too
  23. Holy crap... 28... I was expecting a kid, not someone our age...

    sounds like he was doing burnouts? damn.

  24. Is he retarded? wtf
  25. what a #$%#ing disrespectful piece of shit.

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