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Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Gringo, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. I just noticed that Ferraris tend to burn a lot.
    I was wondering if Ferraris acutally have a problem with engines setting themsleves on fire, or is just by chance that I crossed over so many ferrari-on-fire threads and pictues.

    This is not a flaming thread (no pun intended...), I don't wanna upset anyone, I'm honestly curious...

  2. As far as I know it's mostly an oil line problem
  3. ive seen lots of lambos have burnt... and ive heard nsx's had big problems with engine fires.... maybe its having tight confinds of a mid engine layout that theres not much room between things hense heat gets the better of them
  4. recently quiet a number of 559 GTB Fioranos have caught fire,
    the Lamborghini Miura also was famous for catching fire when started up due to fuel pump leakage, Miura drivers always had a fire distinguisher on board
  5. this is coz ferraris are hot cars <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  6. Ajzahn the problem with the Miura was the carburettors that were not street usable, they were racing carburettors. You had to keep the engine revving even in stop lights to avoid the carburettors from filling up and start fires. Also most of the fires was driver caused, most drivers didn't know that with this type of carbs, instead of stopping the car to extinguish the fire you should accelarete in order for the engine to suck the flames in. - A Miura owner teached me this
  7. its cuz fararris r hot carz lolz.
  8. *shit crap
  10. I'm drunk
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  12. Aside from the oil lines, I've read something about the "soft fuel lines" that Ferrari uses. Not sure what's up with that. There are also complaints of loose fuel/oil hose clamps from the factory, problems of gas tank components failing (and then leaking), the proximity of fuel/oil lines to the engine which may become loose or chafe against other parts, particularly after a major service, etc. That last one seemed to affect pre-F430 V8's, and there's probably been a redesign since then.
  13. Burning hot passion
  14. italian quality.
  15. That would be so amazing to watch if done deliberately and properly timed while in park and with engine cover back.
  16. maybe its because rich people who want a fast car and dont know shit about cars think for a second and go ya "ferrari" then they dont drive it right and/or crash it to set it on fire.
  17. ummm....drving a car 'wrong' (whatever that is) shouldnt mean a car catches on fire.
  18. Yes, that's it.
  19. 4 ever
  20. Not really, it really needs to pick up speed in order to do so.
  21. The way you said it, al that was required was too low of an engine speed for too long of a time.
  23. To catch fire, yes. But for the engine to suck up the flames speed is required
  24. all the pictures of ferraris i see are after an accident..

    and thats not suprising at all..

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