Ferrari test mule snapped

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. What's the point of this thread?
  2. Oh hey, another girls car.
  3. zomg! every1 its da new baby ferrair SELLOUTDZ
  4. Shut up.

    EDIT: Just shut up.
  5. wat kind of girl drives a ferrari?
  6. Letting these test mules out in bright dayligt is almost a Ferrari speciality. They keep doing it all the time hoping to find someone with a camera.I see them every time I am in Maranello.
    How ever it could be nothing and anything. Remeber that the Enzo test mule wore 348 body panels.
    It could be a 430-successer but it might be to tall and too narrow for an Enzo-successer....
  7. yeah wouldnt want to ruin the image of ferrari... yet they whore the name to any product possible
  8. Pics aren't loading.
  9. its a silver 360... looks no different
  10. ... which are legal...

    I'd do the same... It's called merchandising!
  12. Why?
  13. every single company drives their test mules and unreleased cars around in broad daylight on a very regular basis. I see a pair of camoed Hyundai test mules every day driving home from work. Ive seen new F150s, Challengers, chargers, Venzas, stuff I have no clue what it is, etc driving around.

    You just have to be in the right area. Michigan is all car stuff, so theres test mules driving around all the time. Its not just a ferrari thing.
  14. I tried to warn you guys.

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