Ferrari unveils its fastest model to date

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  1. For me it look kinda strange. Idk, maybe i need more time to get used to it.
  2. I believe the Ferrari's electric motor runs as long as there is juice in the battery.

    McLaren's P1 has a button that changes from running the electric motor all the time to using the push to pass
  3. Wierd...

    What's the advantage with the PTP option? Wouldn't you rather run the full 903HP all the time on the track? Does the PTP option output more HP over short bursts?
  4. LaFerrari is a pretty stupid name.

    Haven't been that much into cars the last year and a half and I just realised that the FF and F12 are two different models. Had no idea. Something's going on within Ferrari. Also, WTF is this obsession using the 458 headlights in EVERY model?? Have they run out of ideas? Don't get me wrong, I really like the looks of the 458 Italia, but Ferrari looks like it has become pretty risk-averse design-wise.
  5. the more i look at it, the more i hate the from 3/4 angle.

    it makes it have a giant carp mouth. It looks best from profile or rear 3/4.
  6. the only thing i hate about this car is the front overhang.

    sooooooooooooo bad.
  7. I'm starting to dislike the look of this car. Looks too conventional compared to the P1. I don't think the F70's design will stand the test of time.
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    I much prefer the looks of this concept, at least as far as the front end.

  9. The styling hasn't grown on me the way the McLaren P1 had.

    Among all the current Ferrari models, the 458 is still the best looking in my opinion.
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    2013 LaFerrari to Cost Over $3 Million Fully Optioned in U.S:

    Details about the options list for the 2013 LaFerrari have just been released along with the car’s base price in the U.S.

    Before the local gas guzzler tax of $26,000 is applied and delivery fees, the LaFerrari will cost $1,533,509 before ANY options thus making it comfortably the most expensive road car ever produced by Ferrari.

    However, if one was to order the LaFerrari, that price would soar above, wait for it……$3 million!

    This is due to the insane prices associated with some options such as the carbon fiber front end costing an additional $333,472, the carbon fiber rear diffuser costing $248,267, the carbon fiber sport package priced at over $180k and a matching leather luggage set costing a barely believable $99,009

    So with all that said, it’s clear the 2013 LaFerrari will only go to the most obsessive Ferrari enthusiasts.

    See the full list of options below

    Delivery, Process, Prep and Handling Fee $47,509
    Carbon Fiber Trim for Engine Compartment $137,440
    Carbon Fiber Filter Box Cover $24,133
    Scuderia Ferrari Shields on Fenders LOGO $11,620
    Brake Calipers in High Gloss Black CALB $11,432
    Brake Calipers in Red CALR $11,406
    Sport Wheels RMSV $45,787
    Forged Sport Wheels with Diamond Finish RSFD $47,440
    Sports Sill Cover PEXS $21,158
    Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Molding $194,014
    Carbon Fiber Outer Sill Cover $28,102
    Carbon Fiber Front $333,472
    Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser CEXD $248,267
    Sport Exhaust Pipes $ 77,022
    Dashboard Trim in Carbon Fiber $46,944
    Carbon Fiber Center Console $32,645
    Carbon Fiber for Lower Zone $39,094
    Exterior Sill Kick in Carbon Fiber $11,818
    Carbon Fiber Upper Tunnel CITZ $22,975
    Steering Wheel in Carbon Fiber with LEDs LEDS $44,795
    Carbon Fiber Driving Zone w/LED Wheel CIDL $57,275
    Carbon Fiber Sport Package CRPK $181,228
    Yellow Tachometer RPMY $15,000
    Red Tachometer RPMR $15,000
    Color Upon Request for Seat Piping PIP1 $19,900
    Color Upon Request for Standard Stitching $5,714
    Color Upon Request for Special Stitching $6,714
    Two-Tone Interior DUAL $22,645
    Two-Tone Interior with DAY1 DUAD $25,787
    Leather and Alcantara Interior DAAL $45,126
    Electric Seats ELEC $23,637
    Full Electric Seats RSFE $46,447
    Matching Leather Luggage $99,009
    Battery Tender $25,038
    Home Link $15,087
  11. Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser CEXD $248,267

    Ok, if that is legit they are bat shit insane and the person who orders it even worse. wtf?
  12. Those prices are #$%#ing hilarious but whoever orders them deserves the robbery, which probably doesn't affect them either anyways I suppose.

    Its a wonderful cycle of victimless douchebaggery
  13. LMFAO, are you serious Ferrari? All those carbon fiber "options" come standard on a McLaren P1.

    Twice the price of a P1 for the same exact shit. Unbelievable
  14. How about 11.5k for different color brake calipers?
  15. 15k for tachometer stickers
  16. Lamborghini Aventador vs Carbon Fiber Front

    Which beast in this price range would win?
  17. McLaren MP4-12C vs Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser CEXD

    Could the slightly cheaper McLaren hang with the 2014 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser CEXD from a rolling start?
  18. Audi R8 GT vs Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Molding

    Which 200 thousand dollar toy would u rather take to prom???
  19. that is bullshit.

    some LF owner should just call up Pagani or something and get them to make molds for front bumper and get in made with a superior weave pattern.

    That is pretty much asshole pricing and kind of a #$%# you to owners and clients. Just price the #$%#ing car at 3 mill then and have everything on it.
  20. this is normal operating procedure for them.

    sad thing is I know 2 people who have been confirmed to buy one and 3 that were denied. the ones who were denied have decided to buy other things and not buy another new Ferrari ever again.
  21. hrmm I need to undercut them and make tachometer decals and sell them for $10,000
  22. they also sue rediculously for anyone attempting to do that. may not want to advertise that.
  23. so.......the used market for LFs are gonna be pretty weak and hard to compare.

    what about like, a magazine test car. do they give a fully carbon'd one or just a standard LF?

    this is so stupid. it kills the entire appeal of this car. If i'm buying a top of line hypercar, i only want it to come in one trim, fully loaded. and if there are options, don't making them #$%#ing 200k options that don't do much for performance.

    that pricing list actually fully ruined the appeal of hte car for me. #$%# Ferrari. If it werent for the 458, they'd be below Porsche, Lambo, McLaren in my books jjust for dickhole shit like that.

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