Ferrari working on new door style

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by 09 challenger owner, Nov 20, 2009.

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    The Murcielago's doors are designed to disconnect in the event of a rollover, do you really think they never considered that? People just make assumptions which then spread by word of mouth until they're facts. I wouldn't be surprised if the occupant of this car was unconscious or dead before it even came to a stop.
  2. So Gullwing and Butterfly doors though are #$%#ed right?
  3. Since butterfly doors hinge on the top and bottom of the A pillar, I'd imagine they'd still open enough for a person to get out of the car was upside down.
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    Sad as those pics are, they do not prove anything. First guys body was almost completely outside the car, second one was crushed horribly.
  5. Correct... The story (IIRC) was the guy was trying to impress a chick in his Murci, took a turn too fast, went off the road and flipped over. They were DOI.... Happened last year.

  6. cool, ya learn something new every day.

    have a link to an article explaining how the disconnect feature works? id be interested to read it.

    id imagine they didnt have those on the older scissor door cars....did diablos have that feature?
  7. It was mentioned in the Ultimate Factors special on the Lamborghini factory. I don't know about Diablos, I know the Countach didn't have it though, since I remember reading some interview with Balboni in which he talks about rolling a Countach and having to climb out through the window.
  8. Christ that man is legendary
  9. if u manage to roll a lambo your doing it wrong.

    suicide doors are the coolest
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  11. I'mBacon
  12. Also Ferraris new door system consists of the door burning open, and a Ferrari tech replacing it at your expense

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  16. I also believe that 1 door opens noticeably faster than the other door. Ferrari claim that every Ferrari door is built the same.

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  18. I know that the SLS doors in case of a rollover blast off from the hinges once more than a 0.5KG of pull is made on the handle. There is a video of it somewhere on youtube
  19. That story was in 2006.
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    I dig that orange with black wheels look, would be a neat gumball livery.
  22. what makes them blast
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    MI used cars from MI Auto Times had a couple of Ferrari cars the other day. They had the F430 and the 612 there, but both were relatively low-mileage and priced to sell. Not a bad deal if I was in the market for one.

    I took a liking to the four-door Ferrari cars that Ferrari offers. If they can get a saloon to look like an F430, I'd be a big proponent of it. Although, as is often the case with Ferrari, their new body-styles take a decent amount of time to grow accustomed to.
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    That is very interesting, please, tell me more
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    A 4-door Ferrari? Are you giving 456 GT Venice Sedans for free? I want one!

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