Ferrari's has a new replacement for the 456!!!

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  1. I believe production on the 456 will officially cease in the Fall of 2003. Does anyone know if a new 4-seater Ferrari is in the works? Thanks everyone.
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    I suppose I can answer my own question:

    I read yesterday in one of the current automoblie magazines that Ferrari does have a new front-ehgined V12 2+2 in the works and we should see it unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show next year. The magazine (I forget which one) showed a few concept drawings of the car. It looks like it has the same basic shape as the Mercedes SLR McLaren but with lines resembling an early 1950s Corvette (This new car is being designed by the same man who brought us the Enzo). The new car, which might be called the Bologna (To keep with Ferraris current city-name status) is slated to be more powerful than the 575M Maranello and will probably not have an automatic transmission. Instead, customers will have either the F1 option or the classic 6-speed transmission to choose from. Price is probably going to be about $250,000 dollars.
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    Well, now that I have the information, I can answer my own question:

    Ferrari does have a replacement for the 456M GT in the works and it will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2004. The all new "Grand Touring" 2+2 will feature an all alluminum body (Styled by the same man who brought us the Enzo), a completely re-vamped V12 that is rumored to produce in excess of 500 bhp, a 0-60 time of 4 seconds, and a top speed of 193 mph; a speed that would make it the fastest grand-tourer to date. The design is a "step forward" for Ferrari but still contains traditional Ferrari elements for the approval of the purists. The body, though it borrows aspects from the Enzo, also features cues from the early 1950's Corvettes. The new car might be called the 460GT or called the Bologna to keep with Ferrari's city-naming system. The front-engined supercar will probably NOT have an normal automatic transmission but will have a traditional 6-speed and an optional F1 gearbox. Expect a LONG waiting list and a pricetag in excess of $225,000.

    Here are a few spy photos and concept drawings. The ones with "X's" still show up when you click the thumbnails:

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