FIA admitted it!

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Sade, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. FIA admits it: New rules to 'disadvantage' Ferrari

    New rules to 'disadvantage' Ferrari - Mosley

    FIA president Max Mosley has denied rivals' claims that new Formula One rules for 2005 will unfairly benefit Ferrari. Instead, the Briton, 64, insists the aero, engine and tyre measures are set to 'disadvantage the team that is doing best.'

    Teams were given a September 6 (Monday) deadline to decide alternate rules to avoid imposition of Mosley's radical set. Max said that in early 2003, when the rules were slightly changed, Ferrari struggled to maintain its on-track dominance.

    Like top-team McLaren, Minardi's principal Paul Stoddart, though, agrees that the small teams are most affected by rule changes. "Big teams have resources to respond to changes," he said. "It'll be teams like us that suffer."

    Mosley, meanwhile, also rejected the notion that the '05 changes were imposed to try to slow-down Ferrari and Michael Schumacher. "The TV figures are still high," he said, "and we've had some record attendances. These rules are long-term objectives."

    Since the 2003 season that is an obvious situation: new qualifying format, new points system...

    Maybe Ron would want a more explicit advantage for McLaren...

  2. No matter what is done, Ron will complain. That's his nature.
  3. The FIA arent completely incompetent if they've been trying this since 2003, Ferrari still have the fastest car!
  4. If I was Ferrari I'd sue the Fia for this statement.
  5. see the thing is, mosley was smart in saying to 'disadvantage the team that is doing best.', because he isn't naming names, instead implying. the fia could always argue that minardi's doing the best on their budget (i'm not saying they are...just an example.)
  6. Unless you don't ever watch F1 and reside outside Germany or Italy, it is pretty obvious which is the "team that is doing the best"
  7. i live in canada. i'm just saying, max is being very """vague""" so he wont get sued
  8. No he's not being vague at all...

    6 Constructors title in a row...
    12 wins in 14 races this season..

    You'd have to be a moron not to know what team he's talking about.

    I suppose Judges and Morons are not mutually exclusive...

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