FIA clarifies deadline for standardised engine

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    Formula One racing’s governing body, the FIA, has set a November 7th deadline for applications to supply the standardised engine and transmission system it plans to introduce for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 world championships.

    The FIA is accepting tender bids to supply engine only, engine and transmission, or transmission only. Bids for the first two options must be made by November 7, while those parties considering transmission only will be given at least a further three weeks to apply.

    Should the FIA decide its preliminary preference is to opt for an engine-only bid, it will reveal its preliminary choice of supplier on November 28. It will then work with the supplier to make available the technical details needed by those parties interested in making a transmission-only bid.

    The move to a standardised engine and transmission is one of several ideas being proposed by the FIA as a means of further reducing costs and increasing competitiveness in the sport, which already has a freeze on engine development.

    Under the proposals, teams would be free to build their own engines (in full or in part) to the specifications laid out by the appointed engine provider. The provider would work with the FIA to ensure that all engines meet their design and prescribed power output, hence guaranteeing performance equality across teams.

    Further details regarding the tender requirements can be found on the FIA’s website.
  2. bleah..... FIA
  3. FIA = F1 = Bernie Ecclestone = "Mad Max" Mosley = totally sucks
  4. This really does suck. They have totaly lost touch with the spirit of F1. Its just not right, F1 isnt some feader series going on to something else, this is as high as it gets. If your in F1, your not suposed to wory about cost etc... And if mad max and bernie are so damn concerend about cash, why don't they just put a cap on spending. That way teams would have to be smart with their money.

    I got a question for the euro members? Im in usa, so my opionion on F1 will never reach the FIA or whatever. But those of you in europe, do u guys ever let your feelings be known, or do u just let mad max and company run the show without protest?
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    Oct.28 (GMM) Former Ferrari driver Jean Alesi says the famous Italian team is right to threaten to quit formula one over the prospect of standard engines.

    The Frenchman, who raced with the Maranello squad between 1991 and 1995, said the FIA's plans to mandate the design of engines from 2010 is "absurd".

    "I have exactly the same thoughts as Ferrari," Alesi, 44, told the Italian newspaper La Stampa in an interview.

    "It's an absurd idea, because with a standard engine you would not be contesting a real constructors' championship."

    He defended Ferrari's right to threaten to abandon the sport it has contested every year consecutively since its modern inception in 1950.

    "Ferrari is F1's flagship, and whoever has proposed this is not thinking about what is good for Ferrari nor F1.

    "With standard engines, Maranello would be right to step out," he said.

    Alesi said even the global financial crisis is no justification for the proposal.

    "It has nothing to do with it," he said, "but rather it is a very deep and very complicated political issue, about which I do not want to say any more.

    "It goes for all manufacturers. It is in effect asking BMW, Toyota or Mercedes to sack their engineers and buy an engine from the supermarket."

    Alesi said that not only should the proposal be "withdrawn", its authors should publicly "apologise".
  6. This is an insulting proposition. If this goes through, they'll soon have a standardized chassis, standardized aero, etc. etc, the engine is the heart of the beast. When this happens, they'll need to change the name of the series, cause it'll definitely not be the number 1 for innovation anymore.
  7. Tell me they're #$%#ing joking..
  8. Between a single engine package, this #%$goty "KERS" shit and a single tire supplier the F1 will become the A1GP, and we all know how gay that is.

    Whats this talk about "economic cost" anyway? What does that senile old git Mosely know about fiscal responsibility? the #$%#ing old coot goes out and gets himself a fancy hotel room and no less that five high class hookers in one hit. Where's the financial responsibility there? isn't one or two whores and the back of a limo enough in these hard financial times?

    #$%#ing hypocrite wanker.
  9. I hope everyone just quits. That'd be lol.

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