FIA confirms 20-race calendar for 2012

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    The FIA has released a confirmed calendar for the 2012 season following a fax vote by members of the World Motor Sport Council. The addition of the United States round makes for a 20-race season, which will get underway in Australia on March 18. The season finale will take place in Brazil on November 25.

    2012 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar:
    18/03 Australia
    25/03 Malaysia
    15/04 China
    22/04 Bahrain
    13/05 Spain
    27/05 Monaco
    10/06 Canada
    24/06 Europe
    08/07 Great Britain
    22/07 Germany
    29/07 Hungary
    02/09 Belgium
    09/09 Italy
    23/09 Singapore
    07/10 Japan
    14/10 Korea
    28/10 India
    04/11 Abu Dhabi
    18/11 United States
    25/11 Brazil
  2. murka, #$%# ya
  3. Ozzie opener again yuss!
    Going to be there!

    +1 to Texas
    -1 to Valencia
  6. agree with jakke
  7. Anytime simon
  8. FCUK IT
    The way I see it is I've got 8 months to get my arse to Texas
  9. valencia and bahrain need to #$%# off

    mmaybe bring france and somewhere else back
  10. Spa is going to alternate with Paul Ricard.

    It's a shame that the track won't be used every year while somewhere like Valencia is, but on the other hand, Paul Ricard is back.
  11. Never been a fan tbh
  12. Ugh so we wont even get spa some years? Thats shitty

  13. While I would like to see the F1 at Spa every year, they have had financial troubles, and can't afford the race every year.

    I'd rather see Spa every alternate year than not at all.
  14. I'd rather see Spa every other race
  15. Haha seriously.

    Paul Ricard is pretty bland... can't even come close to something truly special like Spa. I mean just look how awesome the race was this year. Some seriously great action.
  16. Any word yet on whether they will use the full circuit, or the short circuit they used after De Angeleis crashed.
  17. #$%#ing valencia. I'm sick of that parade.

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