finally a W12 supercar

Discussion in '2005 Spyker C12 Spyder' started by Phanofmuzik, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. finally someone is utilizing one of the most amazing engines ever created, the 6L w12. this engine is the biggest advancement in engine technology since the overhead cam. props to spyker.

    what i really wanna see is someone go grassroots with it, and somehow shove this engine into a golf, because the engine is derived from 2 frankenstiened vr6 engines.
  2. Bentley GT?
  3. I'd expect better performance for that price.
  4. What about the Volkswagen W12 Nardo? The Bentley Continental GT isn't a supercar, more of a Grand Tourer.
    Didn't Bentley's Hunaudieres use a W-configured engine as well?
  5. The Bugatti Veyron uses W16, but I guess it doesnt count cause it never went into final production yet
  6. The W12 Nardo will never be produced and the Hunaudières has a W16 ánd will never be produced. The Continental is too heavy to be a supercar.
  7. I think he has just pointing out that there was a car with a W12 in the market...

    I really think this idea has some real potential, and am looking forward to seeing more of it.
  8. I am unimpressed- VW/Audi has been wedging the W12 and W16 in showcars several years now. Let's see what they can do with it on the racetrack.
  9. Although this conversation is entirely incoherent, I have something to say.

    I love the idea of Spyker putting a W12 into their newest car. Not only is Spyker a car of great quality, but they happen to be one of the most cutting-edge car companies out there right now. They familiarized us with their obtuse and obscure designs, and they have wooed us with wonderfully enjoyable performance. I am very impressed, as all of us should be.
  10. i was gonna say that but thats more of a luxury/sports car.
  11. the hunaudieres did use the w, yeah but it was a w16
  12. i think in time alot of large engines may swtich to a W setup, simply because its mroe compact, and therefore lighter than conventional V12s.

    cant wait to see thise thing on a track.
  13. Well a new era has come in horsepowers achieved by supercars! I believe more cars will continue to use this powerful engine so we will be witnesses of monsters with extreme performances....I reaaaaaally love this thought!!! Dont u?
  14. VW went to a Nardo and knocked down a score of world recods with their prototype. I really would like to see how it performs in an endurance racing environment, though.
  15. how about a MkII gti with a W8? now that would kick ass, and it would fit
  16. the Bentley GT is most definately a supercar.
  17. nowhere in the "supercar rulebook" does it state that it must be under a certain weight
  18. If the Supra is a supercar, then the GT most certainly is too.
  19. For Spyker's C* Double 12S. They have different stages or horsepower. There are five stages and you can have anywhere from 400 to 620 horsepower from their V8. I would love to see different stages of horsepower from this car as well.
  20. The Bentley Continental GT is absolutely a supercar. It just happens to be heavier and more luxury/touring oriented than many of the other supercars we discuss.
  21. no it isnt dude, its a sport/luxury/touring idiot

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