Finally got an LED setup

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Enigma Lips, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Imgur is easier to upload to.

    This thing is insane. Remote control, fully programmable, full spectrum. It can simulate sunrise, sunset, cloud cover, moonlight. I'm pumped to set up the photoperiod, have it get slowly brighter in the morning, few hours full blast, then a dusk/sunset before the moonlights kick on. Fvck this thing is cool. Nicest piece of aquarium equipment I've ever had.

    I had it shipped to my office because I didn't want it sitting on my porch all day. Will post pics again after it's up.
  2. Why is it so purple/bluegreen?
  3. #$%# that's pretty sweet
  4. so you finally got laid'
  5. For your fish right? My step-dad had one. It was cool.
  6. That's how saltwater lights are. LEDs also don't like to cooperate with digital cameras.

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    Got it all set up. The camera has trouble balancing the color though.

    It doesn't look trippy in person. I'll bust out the nice camera one of these days and get some actual shots. In fact, maybe tonight.
  8. Is this for growing your weed?
  9. Look at the last pic I posted.
  10. I got some LED light bulbs from banggood or some chinese website. Each bulb comes with a remote control, so you can turn off your room lights remotely, and change the colours to change the ambience. They were like $3 each, and are a cool novelty.
  11. Also, why the hell do you have an ATM machine in your office?
  12. Needs more fish.
  13. Wtf are you talking about
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  15. That looks rad.
  16. It's coming along. I'm going to some dude's house later this week who I met through an online club who is downsizing his set up and is going to give me a bunch of shit for cheap (hopefully free) from his old overgrown reef. I'm real excited about it.
  17. In one of your photos there is a credit card machine, where do you work, Subway?
  18. A government agency, you can pay for certain things here.

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