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  1. Finaly they spruced up this baby, having such a car with a top speed of 199 mph was killing me,atleast they broke that barier <IMG SRC=""> In my
    opinion they should replaced most of the interior / exterior with carbon fiber or aluminum to get the weight around 1.2 - 1.300 kg
    that would improve the car all around, simulating a substantial boost in hp. Also Im wondering if this mod is available on the Barchetta.
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  2. Re: Finaly!

    i agree it could have been lightend somewhat, even if they used largely aluminum they could have brought it down to a normal 3500lbs

    but the 550 was meant to be a luxury ferrari that can be driven day to day more so than the F355 and cousins, this is just a spec'd up version of the 550. that weight doesn't effect its top speed fortunately... with 500+ hp on tap it should be going faster than 325, my guess is 335-340 unless its restricted<!-- Signature -->
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    it's a sweet car... perfect... a turbo or two wouldn't hurt, not at all.. but after all, power is nice, but too much is a waste...<!-- Signature -->

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