First 2010 Legacy rolls off the line in Indiana

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    First 2010 Subaru Legacy rolls off the line in Indiana

    by Alex Nunez on May 31st 2009 at 5:01PM

    The 5th-generation Subaru Legacy has officially begun production, with the first car rolling off the Lafayette, Indiana assembly line late last week to confetti-strewn, ribbon-cutting fanfare. In keeping with Subaru's recent new-model introductions, beginning with the current Impreza and continuing with the new Forester, the 2010 Subaru Legacy wears controversial new bodywork that abandons the elegantly understated lines of the outgoing model in favor of a more stylized (overstyled?) face attached to a car that has grown dimensionally in order to be better-positioned against the likes of the Honda Accord. With production now underway, look for the new Subaru Legacy to start arriving in U.S. showrooms by July. We'll weigh in with our impressions of the car as soon as we can get our hands on one. Thanks to Steve B. for the tip!
  2. It's a shame they killed the wagon, but at least they still have the Outback.

    Definitly prefer the previous gen.
  3. the previous car was really elegant/understated. This is trying too hard.
  4. Ugly is the new gorgeous apparently.
  5. Nice sebring
  6. The sheetmetal is a major step in the wrong direction.
  7. Yeah, they are trying way too hard with this design.
  8. They killed the wagon? WTF? They sold tons of those here.
  9. why has subaru design become such shit recently?
  10. Nice car, i like it
  11. They've made it look like Daewoo Tosca/Epica.
    Except the side panels on this are ridiculous.
  12. I dunno what to think. It's too Korean for me. I will wait for them to make an Sti version.
  13. Not ugly, but just boring.
  14. youll be lucky
  15. wut?
  16. while it doesn't look like a current 5-series it definitely borrows design cues. same with the epica which bugatti above mentioned.
  17. THe previous gen was beautiful for a jap sedan
  18. Nah, I rather drive an American car in this price range.
  19. Well, it's built in America...
  21. WTF, no more frameless door!!
  22. who the #$%# designs cars anymore?
  23. I mean a real American car with American badge. Those Asian cars, it doesn't matter where they are built, they are still bland.
  24. kettle, pot, black, etc...

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