First Beemer?

Discussion in '1936 BMW 328 Roadster' started by imprezawrx14, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Probably not this one, but which one was?<!-- Signature -->
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    The First BMW was the Dixi. It won the 1924? Alpine rally in its first try. Also its BIMMER not BEEMER. Beemer is the motorcycle and the Bimmer is the car.
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    sorry, im really bored. But i dont think this was the first, im not sure tho. thats cool it has a 4 speed back then<!-- Signature -->
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    Just checked BMW's website and it was the Dixi. It was made in 1929 though, so it couldn't have won any races in 1924! <IMG SRC="">
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    Hey mr. moochacha. Of course they had four speeds back then. In fact, they didnt have automatics at all. The automatic fluid clutch electronically changes gears depending on the amount of fluid emmitted due the the amount of throttle. there wasnt that kind of technology back then!
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    Yeah. It was the Dixi. It was made under the liscence of Austin, who made the Austin 7. The BMW Dixi and Austin 7 or the same cars.
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    where did the nickname "beemer" come from?<!-- Signature -->
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    i think it..... well... i donno, 'B'ee'M'er just sounds better i guess
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    was this the first 3-series?
  17. so ts the second then

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