First Drive: 2012 Ferrari FF

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  1. sooooooooooooooo nice :D
  2. Top-3 on the list of bad looking Fs
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  4. An d I don't think so, which is remarkable as I am the only one who has seen it IRL. It's super cool.
  5. Have you seen one? No, and no go back to school...
  6. I have, its ugly.
  7. again no. seen it its ugly.
  8. No they didn't. Ferrari took a patent on the system a couple of years ago.

    PS. FACT: When the FF was launched at the Geneva motorshow Martin Winterkorn took all staff members from VW group to the Ferrari stand to show them the FF stating: "this is innovation" - which is funny as the biggest competitors to the FF are VW group cars - and suckers for AWD.

    VW are having wet dreams of buying Ferrari. There is a reason for that.
  9. the Ferrari system is inharantly weaker than the Porsche/VW/Audi/Bentley.
  10. And you think Ferraris have 5000 k service intervals.

    The Ferrari system has significantly less moving parts and distributes power over a much shorter distance. How can it be weaker?

    Even if it was - what's the big deal, the system is disengaged 90% of the time anyway. it's there when needed and invisible most of the time. That's clever.
  11. they do.

    it has less moving parts but it is activated by a pump thats driven off the engine which causes more wear and less power/fuel economy.

    if you only need it 10% of the time why put the system on there to waste fuel.

    its not cleaver its being the last one in the group to put it on so trophy wives can think they can't crash the car because it has 4wd.
  12. No they don't. Call a Ferrari service point and ask. Stop living in 1991

    If a pump caused wear a combustion engine wouldn't last three days. It's got pumps everywhere.

    If you only need aircon in the summer why put it there? If you only need ABS 0,001% of time you are breaking why put it there?

    As the system is disconnected most of the time, it's the most fuel efficient system on the market.

    Ferrari are acting accordingly with their clients wishes. That is clever.
  13. because

  14. most of the business in a Ferrari dealership is done by older cars, not newer ones. therefore Ferraris have 5k kilometer services.

    they do cause wear, it won't kill the engine over a short period of time. the pump however will require servicing when the clutch on said pump wears out after a few years like they do in air conditioning compressors.

    people who live in hot climates want air conditioning, ABS is required by many countries for companies to even sell their cars there. thats why those systems are there. if you don't want the 4WD system to be there you don't buy a car that has 4WD. why buy a car with 4WD if you don't need it.
  15. It's ugly. Deal with it.
  16. FF vs. Panamera for ugliness
  17. It's a piece of shit.

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