First race of the season

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    at Sears Point last weekend. I did pretty well considering conditions, which was rainy as hell all day Saturday and wet most of Sunday.

    I don't have much experience in the rain. I've driven probably a grand total of 5 times in the rain, and I don't think I was trying to be competitive in any of them (practice/later oppourtunities etc). So becasue of that I was pretty nervous to start the first race of the season in a storm at a pretty dangerous track in itself.

    During practice however I did pretty well. My friend Jason* from SoCal smoked everyone, but I was as fast or faster as everyone else in spec Miata (both races were 45 minutes and started with an enduro, 60ish car field). I ended up qualifying a little slower than I was in practice, 14th out of 58 cars, I think 3rd.

    The race was intense, I'd never been in a field that big all going for the same corner. I managed to get to the inside and held it all the way until the carousel. Things were going well in the slow motion rain for most of the race, I was duking it out with the second and third place Miatas, when I spun going up into turn 2, I still don't know what even happened. Now, you can recover and make up a spin at this level in these conditions. I know the second place guy spun twice. The problem was that my hair straighteners got stuck in the mud on a hill, and it took me about 2 laps to figure out how to get back on the track. By that time it was too late so I just had fun, managed to pull out behind Jason who was in the lead by more than half the lap and stay with him until the end of the race.
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    Because of all the enduro bullshit that we got thrown together with we started Sunday's race in the order we finished on Saturday, no time for qualifying. Practice was at 8:00 and the race was at like 9:30. When we got to the track it stopped raining, but it had literally been raining since Friday. I figured either it would rain again as the forecast called for or still be too wet for anything other than a rain set up come time for the race.

    I ended up being wrong on that, it was wet for the first few laps or so and dried out almost completely on the line save for a few rivers and lakes here and there. One guy gambled and had a dry set up and beat everyone and I had bigger problems anyway. When I was in the out lap one of my cylinders stopped firing, so I had to come in and #$%# with it to try to get it to work. I wanted to make sure I finished the race for points even if it's last. I didn't know what was wrong, but I pulled out all the plug wires and shoved them back in (frantically, in my helmet/hans, driving suit, gloves, etc heh) and it was firing properly. I got back out there and finished the race in second to last place, just like Saturday.

    When all is said and done I had a lot of fun and learned a shitload about driving in the rain and predicting conditions. I finished like 5th and 6th in my first time trials of last year and ended up winning so I'm not worried about the long run. Sunday was disappointing because I had some basically intermediate tires between dry and wet and a good chance to win had my engine decided to work.
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