First SLR Roadster in the US

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by blackwood, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Manny over at F-chat took delivery.
  2. in the best color too. such a sexy car.
  3. Give me black with red interior.
  4. #$%#ing sex. strange how the e-brake is on the passenger side
  5. for when the passenger wants to drift, y0
  6. win
  7. I'd take it over the 8C anyday
  8. that's a nice looking car
  9. I #$%#ing love that
  10. The guy is a sharp dresser ...
  11. haha what a douchebag. he fits well with his car.
  12. Seriously. All he needs is slicked back hair and a huge gold chain.
  13. No, the car is brilliant
  14. those cars are in different leagues all together, smarten up.
  15. really?

    hmmm lets see
    Both are limited editions, both are front engined, both have CF bodywork, both use V8s, both are RWD, and both are gran tourismos...what could I be missing here?

    the only thing left is for Alfa to release the 8C spyder, which they will
  16. except the 8c is going to be like 200.000 and the slr is like 500.000 or more.
  17. I'd much rather have an LP640 Roadster.
  18. exactly......oh, and one has passion. ass
  19. It would suck buying a car like that and still having to peel off the damned airbag sticker.
  20. I really hate those turbine wheels.
  21. yes.

    Plus the SLR coupe pwns the Roadster.
  22. It really couldn't appeal to me any less.

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