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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CJ4976, May 8, 2006.

  1. you look up a new car in an auto magazine...
  2. i read the artical, because there is a hell of a lot more to a car than the stats.
  3. skip the article and watch for the end result. then i go back to read the whole article.
  5. Find out how it compares to other vehicles, stats, rest of article.
  6. i wont dissagree with that at all, however the first thing i do is read the specs to get a general idea of preformance then go into the article.
  7. First the verdict (usually last 2 paragraphs) and if it's interesting I read the article. Usually I don't care about the specs.

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  8. if its Car or Top Gear, i check who wrote the article. i know the staffers well enough to guess what the did and didnt like.
  9. I never look at the stats. I read the magazine cover to cover, but usually skip the stats.
  10. I never read car magazines, since most are shit anyway. Except SCC used to be cool.
  11. Pics, stats, article.
  12. I look at the pictures
  13. Read the whole magazine, then maybe six months later i'll read the stats when I'm bored and in the bathroom.
  14. Read the article first then look at the stats. I care a whole lot more about how a car drives than its NUMBERS!!@!
  16. stats don't really impress me, so I read the article
  19. i read the article to put the specs in the right perspective
  20. article ,always.
  21. Look at the pics/pic captions.
  23. Stats and specs are completely uninteresting, it's the feel of the car that's important. Anything else is simply the wrong answer.

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