Flagship Faceoff ( Audi, Bmw, VW, Mercedes )

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by Krillmeister, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. PS. Only on looks !!!.

    Wich car looks best ?.

    Audi A8 W12 6.0

    Bmw 760Li

    VW Phaeton W12

    Mercedes S600

    I'd say Audi A8, it is just gorgeous ! .
  2. pre facelift 7
  3. Phaeton. This car is seriously underrated.
  4. VW Phaeton W12, its actually extreamly under rated imo.
  6. why are all these pictures of the old models? The 7 and the S both look different now.

    For me, new S-Class or Daimler XJ or Q-Porte.
  7. toughie between the 7 series and the A8...I say the audi, dunno why really.
  8. Obviously.
  9. True.
  10. Audi S8 please
  11. the S class is clearly the best
  12. From the ones pictured, I like the look of the VW the most.
  13. I like the look of the S-Class the most, IMO its just about the best looking car this class has ever seen.

    As underrated as the Phaeton is (I am a big fan), it's not about to win any design awards.
  14. I dunno, the thought of horrible customer service and poor buyer satisfaction sort of ruins the S-class for me. If we were comparing with a Carlsson S500, though, it would be the clear choice. The plain S-class looks too, well, plain.
  15. Phaeton out of these

    but preferably Quattroporte
  16. Mercedes > Audi > VW > BMW
  17. for me A8 then VW
  18. the audi obviously.

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