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  1. Spicy chicken cauliflower casserole with bacon. So good.

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  2. this morning i had cold brew with heavy cream then for lunch i had chipotle salad bowl steak salsa guac cheese sourcream
  3. Ur doin it wrong. Don't sprout cardboard or styrofoam seeds.

    Alfalfa and mung sprouts are nutritious af and taste awesome as a side dish seasoned with some garlic, sesame oil, chili, fish soss, soy soss, etc. Soy bean sprouts need to be cooked and marinated. And readily available tiny herb/pea sprouts garnish and spice up stuff real nice.

    Even wiki says that "taugé heeft een kruidige, nootachtige lekker kanker smaak"
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  4. so I was at the airport and we go to that fancy restaurant
    and for years I've had the rule to never eat fish in airports because healthcare

    tonight I decided to try some black cod

    I've been on the throne 5 times in the last hour

  5. Mmmmmmaybe. yuh yuh yuh. that'll happen. A case of the old diahrreaaerodromoosteichthyes.
  6. At least baby doesn't have diarrhea that somehow makes it way to your mouth.
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  7. well I spent the whole fucking night puking my life out
    jesus christ
  8. My worst fear, diarrhea on an airplane. I had diarrhea on singapore airport last july, but i had 2 hours to go and popped a pill that blocked everything so i was safe
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  9. Imagine having a bad case of diarrhea on a 14-hour flight and the toilets are shut down above the Pacific Ocean due to a technical malfunction/ground crew mistake. This has happened.

    Charter flights are the worst when ppl get all Wolf of Wall Street so the shit tanks fill up very quickly. One of our teachers said that they had to replace like half the seats of an MD-11 after a particularly bad charter flight in the late 90's. The toilets were full shortly after takeoff so all these drunk ppl ended up soiling themselves and puking all over the place.
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  11. must have been a pretty big pill to plug up that gape!
  12. Korean fried chicken (probably the best tasting thing I'd made at home) and homemade churros (came out alright).
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  13. That's some lovely-looking KFC and churros. Now I'm hungry.
  14. thats a suggestive picture
  15. are you just dipping straight into the nutella jar?
  16. Roommate used a spoon but this is my house and my Nutella so **** yeah.
  17. I promised not to double dip, though.
  18. sharing bacterias and saliva
    what else do you share
  19. Said the man who swollows his kid's snot.
  20. he probably put the whole nose in his mouth too, the barbarian
  21. Not judging, I live alone so I know what's up.
  22. lekkel.jpg

    Prepared some duck tonight
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  23. What's the red stuff next to the duck?

    Also, I warped my skillet. Kurwa.
  24. Red cabbage. Prepared it with some orange/honey sauce. Really fucking good.

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