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  1. OK so I don't normally recommend vegetarian dishes because it's against my personal religion but we have this seasonal veggie dish at my work that is definitely worth mentioning:

    Quinoa, butternut squash, whole chickpeas over hummus mixed with gorgonzola, sauteed spinach and a roasted tomato. So the quinoa can be replaced with your grain of choice, butternut squash can be replaced with whatever veggie might be seasonal, as can the spinach and tomato. BUT THE FUCKING CHICKPEAS OVER HUMMUS WITH GORGONZOLA IS KEY. This shit is the fire that makes all the other veggies taste about 17 times better, do not doubt the power of the Italian bleu cheese and hummus.
  2. I've never had hummus outside my home country. I always feel like it's probably going to be much worse than what I'm used to, disappointing and an overall waste of a meal on vacation.
  3. Holy shit it's marcus
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  4. Plz poast picture of dish.
  5. I could have called it a garbanzo and gorgonzola puree and maybe you would've been open to it.
  6. It looks fine, I was referring to the regular hummus paste/this.
  7. What's the jizz on top of it?
  8. Gorgonzola cream sauce I think. Very little
  9. Side story:
    A lot of restaurants open and close around where I live, being the city center. It's become a hobby of mine to tell if a new place is going to succeed or not (and I do make sure to try every new place on my street) and I'm usually right. Recently, a new place that served sandwiches (mostly variations of steak and egg) seemed so wrong, that I bothered trying it and telling the people who worked there what they have to do to have a chance of succeeding. They didn't listen and now they've closed - after barely 6 months of existence.
    I don't like criticising business owners who don't know me, but seeing so many of them fail so quickly isn't that fun either.
    Meanwhile, I just enjoy the game of trying something new before it fails.
  10. what if they listened to you and failed
    your whole gordon ramsey restaurant savant charade would implode

    what if they listened and succeeded?
    you would quickly forget us with your newfound success and fame
    you would write prescriptive books on how to succeed in the Israeli restaurant game
    "WWJE: What Would Jesus Eat?"
    "5 Loaves and 2 Fishes: Culinary Best Practices for the Efficient Feeding of the Chosen People"

    seems like a gold mine always follow your dreams
  11. I'm pretty sure I could cover most of the do's and don'ts (or at least most of the don'ts) in a single blog post. Except that I don't have a blog and nobody would read it if I did.

    For example - know your neighbors. Even though it's the center of the metropolis, your main crowd are the people who live around you. That sandwich place opened right in the epicenter of what I call Francotown, which is mostly French Jews. They all keep kosher and mostly shomer Shabbas. That place wasn't kosher. So I told them - either make it kosher, or be totally unkosher in a cool way (i.e throw bacon on everything and stay open 24/7) to attract other crowds.
  12. this is your blog
    and we all love it
  13. If you're ever into opening a restaurant in Tel Aviv, let me know.
  14. Lean meat vs. fatty meat. Go.
  15. fat all day
    when a bear kills a salmon it eats all the fat off of it with the skin and doesnt care about that pink bullshit we care about

    its just a superior fuel source
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    That's not true. Bears will typically eat the entire fish. if they don't they usually leave just the head and fins after they've sucked out the eyes.

    Lean meat is healthier. There is still significant fat in even lean meat. with exception of rabbit and a few other lean meats. but a true lean red meat like elk is extremely healthy. it has lower fat and colesterol than the same weight piece of chicken breast. yet has significant amount more protein.

    Another consideration is the type of fat and the diet of the animal. A fatty corn fed beef is significantly less healthy than a fatty free run grass fed beef. i don't have time to get into the different types of fat and honestly only have a rudimentary understanding of it. But there is basically yellow fat and brown fat. brown fat is good fat (with natural fiber attached moleculy). which you get from a healthy natural diet. yellow fat is bad fat which you get from corn syrup and sugar (no natural fiber attached)
    A corn fed cow is full of "yellow fat" a free range or grass fed cow can be full of brown fat. though typically has a significantly lower fat percentage.
    This is where the difference comes in what we eat. A mass farmed cow is fed to the brim with corn product. which is not part of a cows natural diet(nor humans either for that matter)
    This is where the advantage of a wild meat diet comes. lower fat content and a natural diet. no preservatives, growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics. Even organic meats can have trace amounts of all of these. usually absorbed through their food. not directly injected.

    Essentially my arguement for a mostly game meat diet over store bought meat isn't actually directly because of fat. there are so many more factors involved. ethical treatment, overall health of the animal, and the overall quality of the meat.

    Kobe and wagyu are notoriously unhealthy meats. poor diets, extremely high yellow fat content, poor ethical standards. Yes the fat makes it super tender in restaurant applications. bUT any piece of meat, if the time is taken and proper preparation is done can be just as good and just as tender.

    The Rogan podcasts with Dr.Rhonda Patrick have so much more info on this. and the ones with Joel Salatin and Dug Duran are good listens too. I don't remember which one talks about this topic in depth. but they all touch on it and similar topics.

    My Opinion on it after the reading and listening I've done on the topic is to eat a lean meat diet. but to mix in healthy raw greens and healthy fibrous fats. Like avocado and nuts. Very much a Keto based diet. but some slight alterations.

    I know my longer posts can be difficult to read. sorry.
    I also wanted to add. Since rwally focusing on and sticking to this "diet" for the past 6 months. I have lost 45lbs of body fat and gained 10 lbs of muscle mass. I have only slightly altered my gym routine, but still only go every second day.
  17. tonight its fast food night, we make pizzas on hamburger bread and mix&match toppings.
    Get stocked.
  18. dr oetker himself
  19. sounds like a good diet

    the consensus on nutrition these days seems to be low carb (maybe not no carb like keto, as in <20g carbs), med protein, med fat

    really the common denominator is cutting out processed bullshit foods and all the added sugars.
    ive been doing keto (strict for a month and a half, now lazy with cheat weekends) and i dropped a pants size in a month without being hungry really and eating good food. im now in maintenance mode and go to the gym maybe once or twice a week though im planning on going more. I havent been this lean since i was 5 years younger and went to the gym/sport 5 days a week

    really noticeable when cutting out carbs is how much leaner my face is. carbs cause or support a lot of inflammation and that is really noticeable in the face.

  20. Cutting out the carbs and sugar and salt did the same for me. inflammation was a major problem and "bloat". my face thinned, and my neck to chin ration improved significantly and the puffyness of my stomach went down a lot.
    I allow myself one cheat day a week as many do. but I tend to go a bit crazy on it. I have a severe addiction to sour soother candies and pop/soda. So on cheat day I blow through a lot of those two things.
    I've changed from Sunday cheat day to Saturday cheat day though. then I have Sunday to recover. and by Monday morning my inflammation and puffyness
    Has gone back down.
  21. Kids enjoy dressing their own pizza, pretty much like you do with Dominoes(c) website on your basement couch ;)
  22. or my real doll, on my basement couch
  23. my cheat food is nasty (great) asian food
    cripy general tsos chicken and white rice and the combo chowmein
    its better than pizza
    and thai food
    and I also chock up any drinking to a cheat day as well

    im planning on tightening up the diet and getting into a real gym routine, just to see where it can take me. keto has me feeling complacent. its so low effort to maintain a good weight ive lost my motivation to work hard at the gym, which was why I had been working out to begin with

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