for all 350Z owners in this forum...

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  1. i noticed that many members here are 350Z owners, lets discuss our Zs here.
    which color is ur z, options, model, mods (or future mods).

    mine is 04 silver 350Z, leather seats, auto, brembo brakes, rays wheels, aerokit. (all options without the nav)
    mods, well nothing till know exept the S2k antina (looks much better), my future mods will be velside version1 front lip, mybe nismo rear wing and 350Z 35anni wheels.
  2. Veilside is for ricers.
  3. '03 Blue Canadian base model. 6-speed manual. I bought the Track wheels.
  4. Daytona Blue Track

    The mods is on my Sig
  5. intersting,
    what about the VDO 5400 Sat nav and Nesa 7" LCD, sny info, pics ??
  6. That's a Satellite Navigation, we Australian don't get any GPS as option. so have to put in myself.

    Nesa 7" LCD is a 99% fit on the GPS screen hole.
  7. Where abouts in Victoria are you from?
  8. i'm in Melbourne CBD
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    thats nice, here in UAE, we have the Nav system as an option, but who need it here (well, i dont need it). anyway, i found this perfect 7" screen, i may installed in my z with DVD changer.

    any interior pics of ur Z
  10. Sorry for going off the subject, but I completely disagree with your sig. Life was a lot easier back when I was stupid.
  11. 350Z's are for housewives.
  12. 300ZXTT's are for 40 year old hairy chested, gold chain wearing, coke heads.

    Let's see, the 350Z costs $12,000 - $17,000 LESS than the over weight 300ZXTurboLag while being just as fast.

  13. Every time I see a 300ZX, I think of vice city.
  14. i know how u feel, a new car, much better, as fast (if not faster), AND LESS EXPENSIVE than ur 300ZX.
  15. 04 enthusiast silver
  16. Yeah I know, it's much uglier, more popular, far too common and less exclusive, slower and about 3 times what I paid for mine. such a shame.

    Well they might be faster but my mod list is pretty short LOL
  17. 2003 base model, Brickyard red, manual, K&N air filter, more mods to come...
  18. The Z32 looks too much like a C4 corvette for my tastes. It's very 80s, and quite spartan.
  19. How come Drift King always got something negative to say Define RICE
  20. I can't believe you used the words "less exclusive" when comparing anything to a 300ZX. That's like saying a Daihatsu Charade is better than a Honda Civic because it's not as common.
  21. He had other reasons too.

    "more popular, far too common and less exclusive"

    Oh wait....

  22. welcome to
  23. welcome to

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