forced induction?

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    its also helped by direct fuel injection, which has been used by deisel engines for a few years now. audi used it last year, and the system did two very important things

    1) it proved fuel economy. its MUCH better than the panoz lmp car. it uses a "tumble flap" in the air induction, it is controlled by a computer, which can open or close the flap, depending on the performance needed.

    2)it improved power, the injector puts fuel directly into the cyclinder at as high as 110 bar. for comparison, car w/ indirect injection can only inject fuel at about 8 bar.

    also, this technology is going to the street, the first car to get it is the european market A2, called the A2 1.6 FSI. the 1.6 liter engine gets 115 horsepower, i forget how much torque, but round the same as the hp, but it gets somethign like 46 mpg. its pretty cool, and the system will be avalable on all engines through out the audi line.

    for more info, there should be something about it on the audi website, or go to , there should be a copy of the article opn there, or you can go pick up thte new evo or the new CAR at whereever you get ur car mags<!-- Signature -->
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    The engine is twin turbo. The interesting part about it is that they are two different sizes so that they effect power in different rpm ranges. of course they are both working constantly, but with the size difference one of them helps to give great low end torque while the other gives power up at high revs. Also this helps to give a flatter power curve.
  4. i'm guessing this engines had a blow job to get that 700Nm from 3.6 litres.
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