Ford Granada with CCX engine swap

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  1. Thread is nearly a year old, and the Koenigsegg CCR is still using a modified, Rotrex supercharged Ford Modular 4-valve DOHC 4.7L V8
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    Your car is super badass. I just have to say that those rims in this picture are completely inferior to the black rims I'm looking at in the last page of that thread.

    Edit: Apparently I'm talking to a necro post. w/e.
  3. True ownage never goes away

    à la renault_v8.jpg
  4. Ugh the morons in this thread.
  5. here in America you can get a Ford Crown Victoria with a Koenigsegg engine, and those cost like $23k (whole car, not just engine)
  6. This thread should be retitled as "Ford Granada with your typical lowl-tech American engine swap"
  7. RB is unreal
  8. outline the technical differences, back up your post. should the re-titled thread include your stupid spelling mistake?
  9. I say again, easily the most committed troll on SCN
  10. Ford V8s def. sound better than any other american v8.
  11. These Ford V8's have absolutely nothing in common with a Ksegg engine apart from the overall dimensions of the block and the number of cylinders. These American boat anchors just can't compare to Ksegg's state of the art race bred engines.
  12. Except that the design is simply an evolution of the Ford V8 over time and is now cast by a third party for K-segg. I mean #$%# dude, I'm a pretty big SSC fan, but I at least have the nads to admit that their engine is an evolution of the C5R block.
  13. you didn't answer my question still, I asked what was different and you just said it was entirely different. as usual. they have different internals, engine managment, turbos/supers, and pretty carbon bits and then exotic metals for exhausts. that's like saying someone who takes a 2jz out of a supra, completely re-works it and I mean serious, like a drag engine capable of putting down 1300hp all day, yet you'd still call it a 2jz. you know why? because that's what it's based on. and I quote "apart from the overall dimensions of the block and the number of cylinders" so I guess in a really pitiful childish way (as per usual) you in a way, agreed with me.
  14. The last time a Ksegg engine block was ever based on anything was back in 2004 when they introduced the CCR. The current engines are 100% bespoke, designed and built by none other than Ksegg, as they should be.

    The fact that Koenigsegg have produced a bespoke engine of that caliber is one of the main reasons why I'm such a big fan. I've yet to like any supercar that is powered by an American engine.
  15. Could we see your source for those facts
  16. still didn't address the question pertaining to specific differences.
  17. [email protected] thinking RB is going to be able to answer anything technical. this is the goomba that has 5000 dollar shocks sitting in his garage waiting to be put on because he doesn't know how.
  18. The remote reservoir canisters may need quick disconnect fittings put on. That's why I'd rather have the experts do the installation.
  19. Right on man. RB, there's really no shame in admitting that the K'Segg engine is an evolution of the Ford V8. That's a great engine, just like the C5R block that SSC started with.
  20. The differences are all too obvious. Koenigsegg's ultimate display of superior engineering is perhaps the weight of their engine, weighing in at 197kg complete with flywheel, clutch, dry sump system, and inconel exhaust manifold with turbos. Then there's the sound of the engine that absolutely shits on anything I've seen come from America.
  21. Nelson racing disagrees.
  22. I think you have a brain tumour, might want to get that checked.
  23. Stop feeding this troll you morons
  24. where do you live again? and how close do you live to a border?

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