Ford GT goes 212mph.

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  1. The Mk III was the road version. It never competed at Le Mans. A Mk II won in 66, a Mk IV in 67, and a MK I in 68 & 69. That doesn't necessarily make the 2005 GT faster than a 2005 F430. It's probably faster, but that remains to be seen. The F430 probably won't be as fast as the CS.
  2. I wouldn't necessarily call him a tool of the British government, but you have to admit that he's very biased. He seems to think that a car's country of origin is all that you need to know about a car.

    We often make predictions about which car will beat which car, without the benefit of a test. Sometimes it's obvious. Those kind of predictions are very common in these forums. You claimed that the 996tt had better lap times than the Z06, even though the lap times say the opposite.
  3. Thanks for correcting my mistakes.Some of the gt 40 that won lemans had the blue and orange paint from the gulf oil. The mark IV which won the race in 1967 was red and was piloted by aj foyt and dan gurney.
  4. They say the opposite on one test.... and its ok to make a prediction, but he absolutly refuses that its at all possible for the F430 to win, which is dumb...
  5. And also, he does seem, a bit biased against the C6, but not the Ford GT... HE LOVED THE FORD GT
  6. The GT isnt a legend yet. The GT40's were legend's, but it killed more then 10 people for it to become a legend. One of the reasons the GT40 won in the 1966 Le Mans is because the 14 Ferrari's all dropped out (Engine blown, crashes ect.) I would love to see the GT race at Le Mans again, but from my point of view, it still has ways to go before it can be classified as a 'legend'.
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  8. He said something like "We know it'll be slow in the turns because it's American.".
  9. and you though he was being serious?
  10. Yes, because every time I see him he claims that all you need to know about a car is its country of origin.
  11. he said that it will give you a general idea about what the car is going to be like, he always gives the car a chance though, and the Ford GT and the Rolls Royce Phantom are examples of cars he made fun of before he tested them, and loved them once he tested them...
  12. There has been a test of the Ford GT though, and the only cars quicker around their track were the Carrera GT and SLR, I don't think it's too unreasonable to figure that the F430 won't be faster. I don't know though, maybe it really will have that much of a handling advantage, but the 360 CS didn't.
  13. The CS was .4 sec slower on the Top Gear track than the Ford.. I would call that close enough that the F430, which will probobly be as good as the CS, if not better, on the track, might beat the Ford...
  14. That is correct for me he isn't objective, would he be objective, wouldn't he judge a car according to its country of origin.
  15. no its not....what is the dealer markup on these things??...your not gonna touch one anywhere near the "150k" sticker price...
  16. the F430 will be over 150 g's.
  17. with or without the Ferrari in 66 though they still managed to finish 1-2-3. Then they beat Ferrari again in 67 on pace(still one of the top 5 distance covered in 24 hour history), and then again with the older car in 68, and again in 69......
  18. Ferrari was owned hard by Ford during 4 years. Thanks for confirming my thaughts that the gt is a legend.
  19. Ferrari was never owned by Ford. Ferrari tried to ask Ford to partner up, but Ford rejected. Then later Ford asked Ferrari to partner up, but Ferrari rejected. So Ford then went on to build the GT40 to beat the Ferraris.
  20. I no, so I was saying, the GT isn't a legend yet, not the GT40. But the 66 Le Mans was a...pretty much, a very easy finish for Ford. The leading GT40's driven by Mile's (1st) and someone else (2nd) waited for the 3rd place GT40 to catch up so they could have a staged finish for the cameras.
  21. just like audi have done every year.....close finish at Le Mans is pretty rare. This year is pretty close, but usually the lead is beyone a single lap....

    69 the gap was 2 sec between the winning GT40 and the pursuing 908...
  22. The Carrera will be faster than the GT, when the Ford's limited to 205. Auto Motor und Sport's high speed shootout had the CGT topping out at 208, so slightly slower than the Ford GT when it's not limited. The Enzo is on a whole other level: 221 mph in that AMS test with the CGT (and others) at Nardo.

    More about the Ford GT's top speed from TopGear's website:
    "In fact, it seems they over-achieved. A couple of days earlier, this very Ford GT cracked 190mph at Nardo. And it didn't stop until it hit... 212mph. Not just once, but on three occasions, driven by three separate drivers.
    Now, due to some unfathomable bureaucratic decision, Ford has decided to down-play the GT's top speed, planning to publish it as a still-mighty 205mph - a figure high enough to make this the fastest Ford road car ever."

    Re: Ford GT, CGT, and Nurburgring...
    What a feckin' load of crap. And totally irrelevant to the point of the thread. If you must go there, Ford benchmarked its GT against the standard 360 Modena, nevermind the fact that it's already quicker than the 360CS on two different tracks (one of which was done head to head with the 360CS). Anyone who compares it to a car that costs nearly 3 TIMES as much, and on one of Porsche's home tracks, should really re-think the nature of that comparison.

    Re: Clarkson...
    He can still like the GT and be biased against other cars, can't he? Besides, he considers the Ford GT half British anyway.
  23. half british? WTF??? MAybe the original GT40, but this is pure American.
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  25. most car companies source things like transmissions and superchargers, sometimes from other countries. i know my getrag is built in mexico, sounds like a german company.

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