Ford GT90 going up for auction

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    If Ford first introduced the GT90 Concept at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show next month, we would probably consider it one of the coolest cars on the show floor. Incredibly, Ford unveiled the GT90 nearly 15 years ago. Even by today's standards it is a supercar of supercars. The quad-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 puts out an estimated 720 horsepower, the body is constructed completely of carbon fiber and top speed is somewhere in the 250 mph range. The only hints that it's not a modern supercar are the all-blue interior and wheels that are decidedly not from this decade.

    So why are we talking about the GT90 Concept now? RM Auctions has just announced that it will be offering the car at its Arizona sale. That's right, this is your chance to own one of the coolest concept vehicles of all time. This is the first time that the GT90 Concept has ever been publicly for sale at auction, and RM claims that it is in "excellent running condition, having been properly stored and maintained over the year." No estimated price is given, but we're guessing it will take a significant chunk of change to take the car home. Hit the jump for a detailed description and history of the GT90 Concept, or adorn your desktop with 1990s supercar glory using one of the photos in the high-res gallery below.
  2. love this car, it hasnt aged
  3. jeremy clarkson said he drove it and it had a top speed of 40 mph.
  4. some guy drove it and said it was fast.
    some guy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>jeremy clarkson
  5. no, the top speed really is like 40 mph. The car isnt stable enough or constructed well enough to meet its potential. It was design as a concept car and nothing but. however one would imagine that this car could be modified to meet its performance claims if the owner wanted.
    But why would you want to modify or even drive this car? Its too special and way too expensive to drive around, even on track. the risk of damaging it is too great. If it was put into production it would be a different case, but this is one of those cars better off seen at concours or galleries and little else.
  6. thanx i just finished lookin it up.
  7. I think it should belong in a museum.
  8. Well... Except for the styling, the interior, the wheels, the power output... Not at all
  9. It's also a 5 speed
  10. *Looks at car, goes to play geometry wars*
  11. Most definitely hot, wonder how much it's going to fetch, despite that it's a barely usable design car.

  12. I want this baby!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i loved it in sega gt 2002.
  14. Holy shit, that's the first thing that comes to mind when staring at this, and the Caspita.....
  15. this is the game that got me into cars. not a great game in hindsight, but #$%# i enjoyed it back in the day.
  16. look at the finish quality just behind the stering weehl.
    You can always say its a ford :p
  17. it's not great physics wise, it doesn't have many car, but boy oh boy, that game was fun. easily in my top5 of racing games.
  18. NFS 2 #%!@es
  19. someone needs to make a fully functional replica, then give it to me.
  20. What the #$%# are you whininig about? There's nothing wrong with the finish you butthurt piece of eurotrash!
  21. its interior is better than many cars of today
  22. This is one of those cars that are so wild and ridiculous looking, they're beautiful.
  23. hell yes, loved this car in that game.

    and i'm glad(kinda) its gonna be sold to somebody, hopefully they take proper care of it and only use it for show.
  24. Gran Turismo 2 ftw

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