Ford GT90 vs. Cadillac Cien

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    the gt90 might win on twisty tracks with 150 more torque for pulling out of corners and enough horsepower to maintain its lead on straights. it all depends on handling.

    quarter mile i think again that gt90 might win with 150 more torque but you never know.
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    The GT90 only has 5 gears though so the extra torque will only let it keep up with the acceleration of the Cien in theory. The GT90 has actually been driven by Top gear I think Tiff Needel drive it a long time ago. Their stats wern't official but it was low 3 secs to 60 and mid 6's to 100mph. For looks I would choose the GT90 but the Cien is nice too. I would have to see some performance stats for the Cien before I start saying which is quickest because nobody knows yet.
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    Ok well for one you cant compare these two. CAddy sucks any way. So many people prefer lincoln over caddy. Once youve driven a lincoln youll never go back. Lincoln's offer the luxuary, ride and options of a luxuary car company all caddy has is that gay SUV with wow some power lets all go really fast in our suv's. Plus the only reason GM out sells ford is cause GM owns like more companies than ford and look what ford owns i mean aston martin they have sweet cars but since they first started in like 1914 they have only made 16,000 cars ok. And look at land rover you think they sell tons of cars not as much as other car companies. Look a jags there alot of money just like volvos and lincolns and some mercurys so its left up to ford and mazda to sell. And plus last year GM with the amount of companies they own didnt out sell ford by that much. Plus ford has the most technology being put into any car company some would to much to fast and thats there only result for why they have recalls but look all companies have recalls its just that more people drive fords. Ford doninates in all classes ok trucks cars vans u name it. The 03 svt cobra has 390 hp and 390 torque. And wait lets look at the 03 camaro o wait its gone there isnt one any more but look whose still here the stang. IT started before the camaro and will live on for ever.

    The quote of the month is from MantronixFX "Even though GM is the Largest car company, Ford's revenue is much larger than GM, how can Ford be falling behind GM, if they sell more cars and trucks than GM and also, the blue oval is the most recognized icon in the world. Ford is a richer company than GM. Also, how is Ford chasing GM, when ford is the first company to mass produce cars. If anything GM has been chasing ford with the muscle car category. Mustangs came out first and GM decided they wanted a piece of that market as well. But even still, Mustangs outsell camaros/firebirds/firhawks/corvettes combined. GM is still using Pushrod engines, ford is using modular engines, and you say Ford is far behind? Who's technology is in question. If Ford is outselling Gm no matter what they got, do you think Ford cares if their SS can whoop a GT? Your not looking at the big picture here....Its a numbers game, if your product outsells the competition no matter what they have got, what reason do you have to try to out do them. The 2001 Cobra...320HP GM's SS from a 4.6. 325Hp from a 5.7, who is falling behind again??? GM is going to join the bandwagon and use a 350 cubic inch modular engine in their new camaro. Falling behind??? Where do you get your information from?"
    sorry if it's kind of long, but it was too good to pass up.

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    O wow this doesnt look like the GT90 or anything now who compies who.

    GM is the worst company ever there isnt a thing they've done to change the world.
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    Well it depends on which car you would want to win actually. The cars are well matched and it would be a showdown which would be something I'd like to see. People can ***** about one thing or another...everybody complains that something is wrong (somebody on here complained of the seats...the seats!, c'mon but u gotta do better than that) but they're favorite car is the best and would beat them by a long shot although they sometimes forget to mention that they were wrong all along and just want to start a conversation on here. So really, what would win? The GT90 is a great car with enough power to compete with the Cien but I think if I had to pick, I' would pick the Cien because of the motor. You can't go wrong with a Northstar!
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    I think that if you want to make money and buy one for yourself go to it worked for me and will work for you
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    Cien, no doubt about that! This car is a f**** dream! 750 BHP? Hell yeah!
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    ill go with the Cadillac 16
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    Easy there
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    Ford sucks. Want to know why new focuses come with bumer heaters? So when you have to push it in the garage your hands dont get cold. Also if you spell focus backwards it's a misspelled suck off (sucof)
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    No flaming!!!

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    Ford GT90 vs. Cadillac Cien

    cien-more power, better looking, no doubt!!!!
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    Hey jagkid02 I hope you know Ford owns Jaguar
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    Hey jagkid02 I hope you know Ford owns jaguar
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    Seriously the only thing you can figure out about this car is the horsepower and torque but hte GT-90 is tested and all
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    gt90 wins hands down.
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    i would still probly go wit the cien, cause not only does it look better but they put out just about the same amount of power.
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    The match will be pretty even but the Cadillac Cien certainly looks a lot better.
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    The GT90 was also built on the XJ220's platform.

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    Ford GT90 >Sadly will never come in to production because ford would have had to spend Millions on the production of this powerful car that looks like a formula 1 .Sadly it will never come in to production it would have been a awesome car.This isn't the first time ford has put of a major project the ford boss mustang 600kw+ was put of to .Ford needs a major boost like the boss mustang to match ferrari and other major super cars .Eventuly ford will bring out a car i hope.That means a win to cadillac for bring out a awesome cien.
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    I would rather have the elegant Caddy. Same performace with alot more luxurious interior and exterior. The GT90 is nice but its one level below the Cadillac.
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    Isn't it funny that this and the gt90 have the same size engine but the gt90 needed four turbos and it still doesn't have as much power as this but it does have more torque so it probably would be faster...unfortunately...

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