ford kick holdens arse.

Discussion in '2001 Ford XR8 Xplod Concept' started by dumbo, Aug 9, 2002.

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    HRT427, GTS, need i say more
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    better not be me either, i knew they always have had I6's for ages!
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    anyone else heard the very small rumour that IF Ford brings back the GTHO - it will come equipped with the Ford SVT Lightning Utes Supercharged 5.4 ltr V8 - 372kW??!!! - they better bloody bring out the GTHO if thats the case!
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    hope Holden release the HRT 427......I heard they got something like 80 orders and only needed 20-30 orders to put it into production ......very very sweet car but a little too expensive for me...but still its faster then cars with price tags which are almost double the HRT 427's.
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    yea 80 orders

    5 to come to NZ LOL

    at least it'll make it all the more special to see one in the flesh

    although they'll prolly all be in auckland

    my mate might be buying one tho
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    meh an m3 csl is better and cheaper. my mates dad is getin one of them, my mate's getting a mini cooper s for his first car

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