Ford shelves SVT Lightning pickup

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    Guess they couldn't play in dodges 500hp feild!

    Ford has pulled the plug on the next-generation F-150 Lightning SVT pickup truck, instead putting all SVT's eggs into one basket - the SVT Cobra Mustang, due for 2006.

    "It's a business decision," said Alan Hall, SVT spokesman. The official line is that the Lightning has been "postponed," and not killed, but if it is revived, it will be 2008 or later before we see one. SVT has gone from three vehicles in 2004 - the Lightning, the Cobra Mustang and the SVT Focus - to none in 2005.

    Ford had already shown a concept version of the next-generation Lightning in 2003. The concept had a supercharged V-8 engine with more than 500 horsepower, in answer to the Dodge Ram SRT-10, which eclipsed the Lightning as the world's fastest production pickup in a test last winter. Ford was eager to regain the crown, but has decided to deed the performance pickup-truck market over to Dodge and its 500-horse SRT-10, and to a lesser extent, Chevrolet, though the heavy all-wheel-drive Silverado SS is not in the same category.

    The Lightning debuted in 1993, with a 240-horsepower version of Ford's 5.8-liter V-8. Cobby and not that attractive, it was only a mild success, and was dropped in 1995. The F-150's re-design led to a handsome new Lightning for 1999, featuring a 360-horsepower supercharged 5.4-liter V-8. A handful of 2004 Lightnings, not much changed from that 1999 model except for a horsepower bump to 380, remain on dealer lots. Base price: $33,560.

    Apparently, cost played a leading role in the decision, as the expense involved in developing and certifying a proper V8, and massaging the new-for-2004 F-150's chassis, was deemed prohibitive. Also, the next-generation Lightning's fuel mileage would likely continue to detract from Ford's Corporate Average Fuel Economy totals: The current Lightning is rated at 12 mpg city, 16 mpg highway.

    Even so, this news will not be popular with Lightning loyalists, such as Mike Philpot of Heathrow, Florida, who paid full sticker price for his Lightning in July, 1999. "My '99 Lightning has been a fantastic vehicle," he says. "It has about 54,000 miles on it, and it runs better than new. Never any problems. I bought an extended warranty from Ford, but I could have saved myself the money. It has it all: good looks, comfort, good handling and, of course, all that incredible power. Hardly a day goes by without at least one positive comment on it from someone.

    "Hopefully, Ford will change its mind. If they want to keep the F-150 the most popular truck in the world with all the competition that it has now, they had better continue with their halo vehicle."
  2. Oh well, maybe people who actually like these trucks will finally realize that fast cars are always more fun to drive than fast trucks.
  3. there a protoype already built, and there a picture of it.
  4. What do you know about fast cars? You like slug slow ass cars as long as they rev high.
  5. This is one bad decision by Ford. The Ford Lightning has the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any Ford Motor Company vehicle (includes Jag, Aston Martin, and so on.) If you hang around the Lightning owners for awhile you will see that there dedication for this truck far exceeds Ford getting rid of it. You'll see Lightning owners hanging on to these trucks. Fast cars are more fun than fast trucks? You may think so, but there is no feeling like the one you get when you know there are very few cars out there that can take your truck, and with less than a $1000 you can make it a 12 second truck. I love my L, but I can't hang on to it forever, it's my daily driver, and I had planned on trading it in for a Gen. 3, but looks like I'll be buying a new Cobra whenever the time comes to get something new, but it'll never compare to the Lightning.
  6. LEGALLYINSANE is just a ricer. He's a big fan of high reving low power 4 cylinders.
  7. I'm a ricer? Heh. I've proably driven faster cars than you will ever drive.
  8. Hmm, I've driven slower cars than you probably have ever driven, does that make me a slow car driver.....
  9. You've driven riceier crs than i've ever driven.
  10. Yes, Mustang Cobras are ricey alright...
  11. Oviously you havn't ever driven a powerful truck... they are just as much fun to drive as a fast car, considering the 2003 lightning will almost run with a base model corvette, and still tow more then the other 2003 f-150's, and still able to carry shit in the bed. You can't fit shit into a corvette or any other fast car.

    I think this is a very stupid decision by Ford, the Lightning is a very well liked truck. I can't belive they just gave up and gave the title to Dodge, wtf, what happened to competition? Do you give up after someone beats you once? I don't want to wait 3 more years for a new Lightning. #$%# that, Ford.
  12. well that was certainly unexpected, i guess the problems they were having in getting the weight down of the new f-150 finally did them in.

    They will be missed.
  13. Wow, if you actually read it, here is why there not building it for now.

    " the expense involved in developing and certifying a proper V8, and massaging the new-for-2004 F-150's chassis, was deemed prohibitive. Also, the next-generation Lightning's fuel mileage would likely continue to detract from Ford's Corporate Average Fuel Economy totals: The current Lightning is rated at 12 mpg city, 16 mpg highway."

    So while Ford is doing something smart, Dodge is going to have to end this 8MPG thing, rebuild all new sh!t to up the MPG, spend loads of money because they will be doing it in the last couple of years before the government says its time for better mileage. And besides, its not like there ending the Lightning program all together, so I don't know why people are freaking out.
  14. I've driven a chipped Lightning.
  15. But you aspire to own a 9 second (0-60) Honda Civic.
  16. unfortunately, liked doesn't mean cost effective
  17. well since most of the stuff on this site is bullshit, im hopeing this is too.
  18. This one is true...
  19. Well then, damnit. I guess you have to be a truck fan.
  20. That's dissapointing. I really liked the SVT Lighting. Ford had the market to themsleves as well before dodge came on the scene. But that shouldn't have deterred them from making a bigger and better F-150 Lightning. Competition breeds better products.
  21. That's stupid, Lightnings are sweet.
  22. hahahaha...intimidated by a 500HP Ram..awesome.
  23. The SRT-10 Ram is nice, but not for the money. it ran a 13.6 while the Lightning ran a 13.8 for I believe C&D. That's not worth $46,000 when you can have a L for 13.8 and for less than a thousand you can have a guranteed 12 second truck.
  24. Nope. You act as if you're insulting me but clearly you are comming off as the retarded one. Go read a book or something.

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