Ford's new diesel engine

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  1. #$%#in cool
  2. drop it in the gt, V r8 tdi
  3. put in Falcon utes. KthxBYE
  5. Too bad diesel is way more expensive here
  6. In dollar per mile terms? Costs more per gallon, get more miles to a gallon.
  7. Barely

    It's like 2.06/L last time I checked it out
  8. the cost of diesel actually caused a few truckers to strike recently.
    none of our drivers, but I heard from several store managers that trucks were parked and refusing to pull anything. Its getting to the point where it costs too much to operate diesel powered vehicles in the Us.
  9. Why is Ford the only manufacturer so far to require urea refills at every oil change?
  10. Long over due for the F-150.

  12. Ford pretty much just went from dead last in efficient diesel engine designs to nearly the best. I hope those figures are correct.
  13. To reduce NOx?
  14. Yeah, but Mercedes has much longer refill intervals IIRC.
  15. Leaked: Ford 4.4-Liter Diesel Engine Specs

    SANTA MONICA, California � Photos of Ford's new 4.4-liter V8 diesel engine were leaked on the Web, along with some specifications and Ford's rollout plan. According to the accompanying placard, the engine will first become available in the 2010.5 Ford F-150. Following the F-150 application it will extend to the Expedition, Super Duty, Econoline and Lincoln Navigator.

    The placard also shows a comparison of the new diesel engine to the current gas-powered 5.4-liter V8. According to Ford, acceleration is about the same, yet the diesel yields a 20 percent increase in fuel mileage, while providing 9 percent more horsepower and 15 percent more torque.

    Also described on the placard is the aqueous urea used to make the 4.4-liter a clean diesel. Ford is recommending replenishing the urea at each oil change, and there will also be dash warnings as to when this needs to be refilled. The urea fill port will be inside the fuel filler door.

    What this means to you: Getting a diesel in a Ford truck no longer means you'll need to drive a Super Duty. (
  16. Only 15% more torque? That only bumps it to like 420 torques.
  17. my balls hurt in anticipation
  18. so this urea thing, can you just piss in the hole?
  20. 4.4? idk....
    Ive worked on alot of powerstrokes, I got used to those, lol.
  21. in a Mustang.
  22. negative

    edit: we already have a two ton mustang that can't put any power down
  23. Shut the #$%# up.

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