"forget the Carrera GT"

Discussion in '1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Straßenversion' started by porsche targa, May 7, 2003.

  1. ?
    which do you perfer?

    new V10 supercar or well known Le Mans road car
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    I prefer the Dauer 962 LM
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    Carrera gt, some creature comforts would be nice. but if i had another car to run around in i would chose this one
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    Carrera GT
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    id take the gt1 becuase it's more valuble and no one else will have it
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    id def take this. i love the carerra gt but damn..this makes me melt.
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    Both are beautifuly built cars. I would probably take the Carrera GT though. Both look awesome, but the carrera GT has the V10 which makes the car feel more aggresive as hell.
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    i would take the carrera gt as realistically u would never drive this on the orad as it has no clearance. the GT offers vague practicality although i do prefer the look of the GT1. this car would be better with the GT engine in it.
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    No, no no. If you own the two of these, you run around in the Carerra GT. You simply do not run around in a car such as this - it is not fair on everyone else, plus you are putting a car worth a ludicrous amount within reach of all of the morons on the road who found licences in their Weeties boxes.
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    Carrera GT looks better.
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    I would definately take this car. Who else can claim that they drive a Le Mans car around the place. Only the people with Dauer 962 Le Mans and the owner of this car of course.

    With this car you could take it to your local track day and destroy any car (modded or not) there.
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    "forget the Carrera GT"

    I already have mate!!!! :)
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    Well, the Dauer 962 is faster but both the Carrera GT and the 911GT1 are MUCH more beautiful. I'd rather be drivin' one of those two before I'd take the wheel of the Dauer.
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    A GT for the relax fun driving, and a GT1 to swet for real...
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    The Carrera GT for sure. For racing or cruising.
    The CGT kicked the GT1 ass at the Porsche's test track in Leipzig
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    i dont know if you guys have notices, but cars dont realy get much faster through the years, they just handle better, and get more comfortable and reliable. think about it, is the enzo realy a whole lot faster than the f40, not realy, maybe 5% faster, it just handles better, and has better aerodynamics.

    i bet this is tha same way. the carrera gt probably isnt that much better, it probably just does everything this car does, but with more of a street car feel to it, and it probalby is a few clicks faster on a track, due to improvements in driver comfort and things being better aerodynamicaly
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    I would take the Carrera GT. With the technology advancements I bet it would be better in every way than this GT1. I also think it looks better.
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    A really hard choise, two of my favourite cars. Both would be awesome.
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    Two things
    First, this decision is impossible for me. If you were to put both cars side by side, I would NOT know what to do, or which one to pick. I suppose the CGT might theoretically handle better, but I mean c'mon, the GT1 is the car that made and still makes every Porsche nut on the planet drift off into daydream or slip into a trance every time you see or hear of one.
    Second, HOMERO, I would loooooove to know where you got that information about the CGT beating the pants off the GT1 around a test track. If thats true then my anticipation for finding out just what this car can do has been severely inflated! Post something and let me know, please, I would love to read that for myself. Thanks!
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    The Team Schuppan Porsche 962R or the Porsche 911 GT1. but I'd have a better chance of getting the GT1 (not that I have a chance) but no ones going to get their hands on the 962R
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    I like this car better than the Carrera GT cause it dosn't look like a pick up truck.
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    I would take the Carrera GT most likely, I like the look a little bit more and the performance numbers for both of these cars are to the point where the average driver will never see the full potential so they aren't a big deal. However, there is something to be said for driving a nostalgic car with a ton of character like this one, let's just hope some day I am forced to choose between this and the carrera gt.
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    damn this is a tough call, they got roughly the same power, and are sexy. for a track id prob take this. for the road id take the CGT, the open top is a nice feature. Their looks are bout even in my book. id prob end up takin the CGT i guess, just cuz. i think the deciding factor was the comfort, which i think the CGT has more of (and headroom <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> )
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    Porsche 911 GT1, The easiest choice to make, Way more rare, beautiful and timeless.

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