"forget the Carrera GT"

Discussion in '1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Straßenversion' started by porsche targa, May 7, 2003.

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    I would rather have this one because no one else would have it
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    ok first of all no one will every go up to u and ask hey i have a carrera gt and gt1 u wanna keep one for free? if u look at price u can pretty much buy 2 carrera gts for the price of this. The carrera gt is also more practical than the gt1.
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    id take the gt1 on the track.. deffinately but i think you would end up in a wheel chair if you drove this on the "real" road, i think the gt would be a little more road going than this.

    .... i think id still take the gt1 though
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    Man I have to get this off my chest. I hate people who ae allo over the Dauer's nuts just becasue they clicked the little 0-60 link and saw it as number 1. First the Dauer is not the only road going 962. There's the Schuppan (which i think looks cooler because it has more porsche road car features, like the lights and vents on it), and many of the old 962 race cars have been made road legal by many different companies, many still have the sponsers and stuff on them. I've also seen a road legal version of the Ferarri F333 SP (also a Le Mans winning race car). Second Dauer doen't make that car fast. It's already faster than anything out there. It's a Porsche 962 for crying out loud! They just make it raod legal. Basically people should be saying "I would take a 962" instead of "Dauer"

    Sorry had to say something

    oh yeah....and i would give my left nut for either the CGT or GT1.
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    plus it isnt the fastest to sixty, the 917/30 is, the 917/30 does 0-60 in 2.1 seconds, and runs 0-220 in 13.5 seconds. there is no typo in that. also it does this with four gears. that is the fastest race car ever. that is even faster than an f1 car (though it doesnt handle as well)
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    I would take the 911 GT1 over the Carrera GT.
    They both look great, but the 911 GT1 is a lot more rare and valuable.
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    GT1, no question about it
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    It is good to see that someone has a reasonable view on supercars. I cannot stand when people refer to mercedes CL's, or BMW z8's, or even Ferrari 575's as supercars. The vehicles outlined by CarrerGTracer are accurate. Extraordinary limited numbers, mind numbing prices, and performance that could break your spinal column.
    I am finally glad that people are coming out to challenge the fine work of Jay Leno and the boys at McLaren, because lets face it, a guy needs to dream. Supercars serve as benchmarks for what cars can be, and are truly emblematic of the high level of human intuition and achievement
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    Neither, gimmie a Dodge viper GTS'96 anyday.
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    4x4 1973 Chevy Camaro 5 - Off-Road
    i thought it was a piece of crap like you do right now,,,,,, but you dont know how much fun ur missin
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    Sooooo....NEWBIE.....you're saying the Ferrari 575M and the BMW Z8 are NOT supercars?!?!? Congratulations! You've just passed "Yeppi" as the DUMBEST #$%#ING PERSON on Supercars.net! Yippie!
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    actually, I agree with fxbear45.
    I believe the Z8 is a roadster, the 575 is a gran turismo. But none of these cars are supercars.
    supercars are the superlative term for sportscars. Only cars like f40, zonda, mclaren, xj220, 911 gt1,.... earn that title

    still have loads of respect for z8 and 575 though!!
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    u will lack speeed and handling
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    Not really forget Carrara GT...
    You mean which is better...
    'Course the GT1 is better but you don't have to hate on Carrara GT just 'couse of that.
  15. Hmm, i would pick the Carrera GT cos is more practical and probably sounds better - LOL, hell no!
    This GT1 all the way! And why are people saying this car is hard and dangerous to drive? Actually is not that low or big (wide or long), and if is more challenging to drive, well that makes it more fun in my opinion. If i had one i would drive it as much as i can tbh.
    The price tag is not important for this type of cars - i think there were only about 25 cars made for this particular model as oppose to the Carrera GT that seems to be the best selling supercar ever (there goes exclusivity).
    And to talk about the looks, the Carrera GT has kind' of a simple but boring design, where the lines of this 911 GT1 are perfection. I think the Carrera GT looks good and the 911 GT1 looks amazing, breathtaking. And then there's the race pedigree - the 911 GT1 is a name that won LeMans 24 race in 1998.

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