Discussion in '1985 Ford RS200' started by Lee Iacocca, Aug 9, 2002.

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    This car can turn though 0-60 race=2.01, boojah<!-- Signature -->
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    cool ass cars tiger love them all but my fav is the viper theres no sub 4 cubic centimeters all 8ooo of them and the 10 cylinders tuned by lambo

    i've got a ford mondaeo 1.8i 16v with k&n 57i induction kit,pipercross cams,pipercross cam belt, pipercross cb-26b inlet manifold breather, gas flowed ported,polished and skimed 1.5mm changing compression ratio to 8:6:2 instead of 6:5:1 more compression bigger explossion, lighted bottom end out of 2.0i model, grey ingector's, -31 act, koni -50mm allround gas shocks and springs (adj) full st24 body kit £3000 I.C.E install full custom 3inch, total resrayed midnight blue, with 17" 205/40 masitaly RPM wheels costing £200 a corner

    total cost £7500 exc ice

    I had a rolling road test and my car was rated at 284bhp

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