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  1. So you see the world superiority of Peugeot now!
    It maybe the last year of the 206 WRC... the new 307 Coupé WRC will race in 2003... But the France will probably get the championship with Citroen...
    To the man who speak of GMC's 4X4 (ugly by the way), it'd be funny if they place one of their whales on a rally championship! No wonder that there is no american constructor on the rallies!!!(too fat...)

    A funny thing too: Peugeot got more benefit in 2000 and 2001 than the fat groups Gm and Ford...

    If there is other French guys in this forum, they would be laughting too...<!-- Signature -->
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    Yes this car is an awesome car, but don't talk too much shit, this is the only car France really has. So who's laughing now.
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    Next time learn before writing shit.

    He was focusing on rally cars.

    Today , 12th of july , peugeot got another victory at the 1000 Lacs rally in Finland.

    If you want I can post manyyyyyyyy great French cars.
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    I don't have to learn anything, it was a misunderstanding dipshit. as far as rally cars go, I agree. I t was a misunderstanding for christ sakes
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    we the french own the rally scene
    Vive la france indeed
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    It's not the cars, it's the drivers. Burns won last years championship in the Subaru WRC car. This year, Makkinan can't keep from wiping out his Subaru WRC car because he drives like an idiot. Petter Solberg is the only saving grace for Subaru, and he can only do so much on his own. Peugeot has 3 good drivers driving for them, so there is no wonder why they are leading the standings. Makkinan keeps whining that the Subaru WRC car is having so many problems, blah blah blah. Funny, Burns didn't have a problem at all last year with the car.

    And to whomever said the US is not in the rally, huh.. I could have sworn that Ford was a US company. Last time I looked (Leg 3 of Finland) McRae and Saintz were still driving *FORD* focuses, dumbass.

    I am convinced that noone on this board knows their ass from a hole in the ground.
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    OK then <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Megalol !

    On les prend , on les retourne , on les fume !!!
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    Yeah the FORD focus are not made or prepared in america its ford europe that sort them out.
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    Actually it is the cars, the 206 WRC is pretty damn good for a rally car. Burns sucks (only because he's too inconsistent, he actually does have some skill), Subaru was all that saved Burns in 2001.

    Makkinen wasn't doing so well in 2002 for two reasons: 1) he's affected by his close call in 2001 (he landed his EVO upside down on the edge of a 400m drop, broke his foot, co-driver broke his back) and 2) because the first version of the 2002 Impreza WRC still had bugs to work out, and was fairly unreliable, the 2001 Impreza WRC didn't have any problems because it didn't have any bugs to be worked out. The 2002 Impreza WRC did have a fair few problems, look at Soldberg, he would have had the win on 2 other rallies, and would have finished on the podium in 4 other rallies, but in all of those cases, a part on the car broke down which either cost him the rally by wasting too much time, or caused him to drop out of the rally.

    Subaru will never win the championship as they are, because all manufacturers other than them have 3 cars eligible to score points, while Subaru only has 2, while only 2 can score, having three that are eligible gives the other manufacturers a huge advantage.

    The Focus WRC is not made by Ford America, it is designed and made by Ford Europe, and in designed in large by Mazda's engineers, and it's still a horrible car. BTW McRae and Sainz no longer drive for Ford (I'm sure you knew that).
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    I sure hope that Peugeot dont take 307 to the next year, i dont understand why they change a winning car to untested car like 307. And one more think: its Makinen, not a Makkinen <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>.
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    lma actually its mäkinen! lol and peugeot is the dominant force in wrc!!! basically the only chance for other cars to win is when a peugeot retires or has veeery bad luck... and this coming from a ford fan (go markko märtin!!!) as for ford being american cars... they r but most ppl over here consider ford an euro car, coz all the euro models are made in europe and i think the only common model with the us is the focus!

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