Friend just received his new Ford GT

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by COUNTACH, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Haven't seen it yet but she looks beautiful. I'd definitely get black though

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  2. It does look like a Stormtrooper.
  3. I'd paint the wheels white. Actually I'd take the whole car in black, blue, red, or silver

    Not wild about White. Maybe if it had blue stripes & white wheels it would look better

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  4. girl car
  5. Beautiful car, though as you mentioned, I wouldn't have it in white.

    Buddy of mine picked up a little bit of internet fame for keeping up with a new GT at Mid-Ohio a couple weeks ago while driving his ZL1.

  6. Damn that mullet racer sounds nice.
  7. It's all about the driver
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  8. No doubt. Plus, I know Luke (ZL1) gets 110% out of his cars everywhere he goes, figure the GT owner is a bit more careful :)

    Pretty excited as he'll be my instructor at Summit Point in two weeks.
  9. Kinda looks like the driver in the GT isn't bothered.
  10. K I'm all done with black wheels on everything
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  11. Do you own your racecar or drive it for a team? If you own it, you should make a video of it at an autocross course. :D
  12. I'm guessing the GT is still on break in miles & the owner is taking it easy
  13. I would love one of these. It would have to be a third car, but still...
  14. I'd take it as an eighth car if I could.
  15. The ultimate played out colour combination.

    White over black is BORING as ****. Spend half a million dollars on a limited run super car, and you do THAT? absolutely no imagination.

    Don't get me wrong I think the new Ford GT is one of the most interesting and exciting cars to come out for a long time, but **** that's one way to ruin the coolest car shape in years.
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  16. Most millionaires lack imagination. I mean when you you can afford everything, nothing is bad.
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  17. When I win the lottery I'm going to have a fleet of green and brown ferraris, and burgundy lambos and shit like that.

    Brown is so underrated IMO. I convinced my mate to order his 330e in Jatoba. Should arrive soon!

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  18. Same here, freakin' hate black wheels, especially on exotic cars.
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  19. [​IMG]
    I love me some stealth rims.:oops:
  20. I also like black rims. I like the "murdered out" look. Black everything.
    But I actually like most colours in their own way. I just hate chrome.
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  21. black everything is the worst to me.

    black wheels look good on white (white itself has become a tiresome color) yellow (because bumplebeeps) and blue (because blue is the new white)

    Brown, bronze, and copper tones can be killer, but the darker the shade, the more compromising the wheel choice. Bright enough, you can pull off black or polished wheels. Too dark, and only really matte can fit. Dark browns look much better as a metallic, that way polished wheels can still work. it's kinda blingy, but I dig that when fitment is good and things are kept tasteful. here's a good exmaple of how quickly it can go from amazing to unfortunate.[​IMG]
  22. We used to have a thread specifically for white supercars, back when it was cool.
  23. I just realised that the OP is a super old school member.
  24. Yeah, one of the originals.
  25. Its looking nice..

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