Friends 1000hp C5 Z06

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  1. 6.6 liter Ls2 Forged/Stroker with Vortech T-Trim Supercharger built by A&A Corvettes of California.

    Broke the local mustang dyno at somewhere above 1000hp at 16psi

    and has a boat exhaust sytem. think its B&B ?? something like that he needed something that flows 1000cfm. and they happen to make something for the vette.
  2. C5s are so damn sexy.
  3. ..until you open up the door. lol
  4. That is pretty badass though. Have you ridden in it?
  5. once. but he didn't go above 80 cuz there was a cop behind us a couple cars. he didn't need a ticket. but u can tell theres a shit ton of reserve power. sounds AMAZING too. and it doesn't have a terrible idle or anything its super smooth.
  6. Of course it broke the damn Mustang dyno, it's a 1K HP ZO6.
  7. they look awkward compared to the C6
  8. This thread is useless without a video.
  9. yes the exhaust is B&B. they make wicked good shit. We have it on our 930. Great shit, but mega bucks (previous owner put it on the 930).
  10. Badass. How old is the dude?
  11. in before a teenager comment
  12. why is the drumset in the closet <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  13. Awesome car and some crazy numbers! Is he gonna be happy about this new bullshit street racing legislation though.....
  14. new street racing legislation?? go on....
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    Charges not needed to seize street-racing cars, AG warns
    Last Updated: Wednesday, June 20, 2007 | 3:48 PM ET
    The Canadian Press

    Cars adapted for street racing can be seized and destroyed, even if charges haven't been laid and a race has not taken place, Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant said Wednesday.

    Bryant warned potential racers that all it takes is a tip from police to seize and destroy their cars. Car junkies who pour thousands of dollars into their vehicles to make them as fast as possible are wasting their money, Bryant said.

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    D00d, what... They can't seriously be doing that.

    ALTHOUGH on the plus side it might force people to just buy not gay stock cars and stop tricking out Civics and shit. Maybe the guy who came up with that idea hates ricers or something.
  19. Nice ride no doubt. See him post on corvetteforum every now and then.
  20. Quoted for truth.
  21. How the hell is that good?
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    lolol, only in amerika

    cool toy your friend has there.
  23. And only in Amerika do we have The Canadian Press...

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