Fsckin Awesome

Discussion in '2007 Caparo T1' started by srsocx, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. its a street legal track car, its not supposed to be beuatiful
  2. I think it looks awesome.
  3. This is the most amazing peice of work I have ever seen on this site. This car is going to be way ahead of its time for most. Personally...If I had the money Id put a downpayment down right now. Who cares what anyone else thinks of its looks when they can only see your tail lights anyway?
  4. This is what I have been taliking about for a long time. A pure, no nonsense, hardcore race car for the street. They have even gone one step further and put some real F1 technologies in it.

    Sick, just freakin sick.
  5. Yup... time to slauhgter the obease wannabe-GT's and tuner trash!
  6. i think it's awesome
  7. Looks really dont matter when the prime objective is performance. Besides if you rolled up to a red light in this baby heads would definetly turn!
  8. amazing car
  9. Wow, that car will be amazing.
    I can't wait for it to crush the competition.
  10. this will put f1 cars to shame and teaer the bugatti veyrons head off on the track. Most likely.

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