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    10.7 (with regular tires) is pretty fast, but it's not THAT fast...
  2. Understand this: Outside of NHRA and F1 drivers, not many people have experienced the steam-catapult-like accelerative force of a car this quick. Take everything a stock Viper has and then double it-yeah, that's about right. At full throttle, the Venom 800 Twin-Turbo pulls so ungodly hard your face will contort into shapes approximating a Tammy Faye Bakker halloween mask, so don't look in a mirror. After a 10-sec quarter-mile run (street tires wildly spinning the entire way; rearend skating left and right toward the guardrails), you'll probably need to change your underwear.<!-- Signature -->
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    Actually hennesseyms, that 10.1 was with the street legal semi-slicks. It just wasn't the best time (9.9). Before you go swearing at other people, know your facts, jackass.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from asdf88</i>
    <b>10.7 (with regular tires) is pretty fast, but it's not THAT fast...</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Actually, I think 10.7 with regular tires is pretty freakin' fast. There aren't too many street legal cars that can do that. (And of the ones that can, I would say yes, they're pretty freakin' fast too.)

    It should be noted that the Viper's stock Michelin tires strike a good balance between track and road use, with fairly decent tread life (dependent on throttle use of course). But there are better performance-only tires out there, with softer compounds favored for autocrossing, like Hoosier's S03. Still a fully street legal, DOT-approved tire (though with only 2/32" more tread than the minimum allowed by law). The downside is the treadwear rating of 40 (!) compared to the Pilot Sports' 220. I wouldn't doubt a 10.4-10.5 time is possible with these tires.
    And they'd have much better sidewall strengh for sustained cornering than the Mickey Thompson's...which is why very few people (if anybody) road races or autocrosses with Mickey Thompson E/T's.
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    If you read the article you would find out that the 9.99 was not achieve by different tires, they still used the same DOT Street Legal Slicks. It was achieved by experimenting with different launch RPMS and shift points.<!-- Signature -->
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    The Motor Trend article I'm reading (which I'm holding in my hands) says they did swap tires. It also says so on the Motor Trend website.

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