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    Suzuki PIXY and SSC...

    Low-speed portable tool "PIXY ([pikushi])" of one person riding, uniting with this tool, it depends on automobile which makes movement as an automobile possible, is based on the sharing system type portable unit "SSC (s s sea)" lightly, it is easy to the person, concept of the new vehicle, " SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY ([sasuteinaburumobiritei]) "is proposed. In 2007 May from the economic industrial ministry it was announced it is put out with the "next generation automobile fuel initiative", it is the portable tool which produces the new city traffic where to also "the greatest in the world it paralleled easy car social" conception, possibility of new personal mobility and the sharing system is proposed.

    "At the sidewalk and at the interior, the mobility which is easy to the person who makes the coexistence with the person possible " was designated as concept, the low-speed portable tool of one person riding. Be able to operate everyone easily, not only the person who rides the car due to the cooperation with the portable unit "of SSC" and so on, the joy the vehicle bringing to all people is offered.

    SSC (Suzuki sharing coach)
    Low-speed portable tool "PIXY" of one person riding boards, unites & connects and as an automobile possible is light portable unit of automobile which makes movement type. Joint usage (sharing) the portable unit which is done automobile which 2 can place "PIXY" unit "SSC" not only lightly, sport car unit "SSF" and boat unit "SSJ" and so on, in combination with to the scene of life, possibility of new personal mobility and the sharing system which various units are used properly is proposed.

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